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Facebook Organic Reach – How to Increase It ?

facebook organic reachAre you noticing that fewer and fewer of your Facebook fans are seeing your content i.e. your Facebook organic reach is going down ?

Well, you’re not alone.  The vast majority of your Facebook fans do not see your content unless you pay for them to see it.

Facebook is reducing, and will continue to reduce, the number of fans who see your content.  The site is a publicly floated company and will need to make more and more money, so expect more changes in this area.


See this chart from Statista:


organic reach decline
This downward trend will continue


So, how do you combat this problem?  The easiest way is to give in to Facebook and start paying for ads.  Realistically, paid advertising should be part of your strategy anyway. For important posts, no matter how high your reach is, you will want it to be higher!

However, if you don’t want to pay, or if you want to reduce the amount you pay, here are some tool suggestions to improve your organic Facebook reach.

1.  Analyze Your Facebook Organic Reach With PostAcumen

One of the problems causing reduced organic reach is posting content that does not resonate with your audience.  To find out what is resonating with your fans, you need to analyze your results.

PostAcumen is a Facebook analytics tool that really focusses in on finding areas of your Facebook Page that you can improve. It then gives you the relevant information you need to improve it.

In the following example, PostAcumen has analyzed all the images shared on a Page and is displaying the best-performing images in a grid.  The larger the picture, the better the results it has achieved.

This is a very simple but great way of clearly identifying the images that perform best for you.


Pictures Analytics
The larger pictures are the ones that have done best


In this example, PostAcumen has done a full analysis. It is indicating the best times and days to post, how frequently you should post and the best types of pictures to share.


Facebook Strategy
Clearly identify what works and doesn’t


By analyzing your content on a regular basis, you will get to see what resonates best.  People often ask what the best time to post is, and this really depends on the sector you are in, the location of your audience and the type of audience you have.


2.  See What’s Working for Your Competitors Using ShareGrab

One other way of increasing your reach is to analyze your competitors on Facebook to see what’s working for them.  PostAcumen has some great functionality in this area but it’s a paid tool.

The founder of PostAcumen also has a free tool that lets you perform some free and valuable research on your competitors.  You enter in up to five competitors and ShareGrab will retrieve the best performing images from their page.

You can view images similar to the following to view a list of the top 50 best-performing pictures.


View the top performing posts


You may not want to share the same images as your competitors, but knowing the kind of images that work best for them and their Facebook organic reach will give you ideas for your own Page.

3.  Send Posts Targeted to Different Audiences at Different Times

If you have a global audience and send out a post to everyone, what are your chances of getting maximum reach when a significant portion of your audience are not online at that time?  You also don’t want to send the same post three or four times in a row and risk some people seeing it twice or three times.

So, getting high organic reach is not necessarily about getting high reach on one individual post, it could mean a combination of the same post sent to different audiences at different times getting a high reach…

I have your attention now, don’t I? 🙂

Post Planner is a Facebook management tool that allows you to create and save targeted groups based on various criteria.  For example, you can create a targeted group for males only, for particular languages, relationships statuses etc.

So, of course, your reach is going to increase on a post (accumulative reach, when you add up the reach for each post) when you target people at the right times.

What you should do is look at your Facebook analytics to see where your fans are from, and then create targeted groups for fans in those countries ( Facebook insights, people tab).


Facebook breakdown of fans
An example of what Facebook shows related to your fans


Based on your results, you may want to set up a couple of targeted groups, for example the US, Europe and the rest of the world.


4.  Use More Visual Tools to Create Your Content

When Facebook shares out your content, it initially shares it with a small set of your fans.  As your fans start interacting with what you post, then Facebook will send out to more fans or in other words your Facebook organic reach will grow.

However, the newsfeed is extremely competitive.  Fans are not coming to your Facebook Page to see your content. You are relying on them seeing it in their newsfeed.

So, you need to attract their attention.  Typically, a short text update is not going to attract their attention.  But what about a brightly colored image with some text that describes what the post /content is about?

It’s not always about the quality of your content; a lot of it is related to your ability to capture their attention.

Here’s an example of a post on Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Page. It has an image that describes exactly what the content is about and will attract attention.


SM Examiner Post
This type of image captures attention


Consider using more graphical tools that will help you produce more compelling images.  For example, Canva, Pixlr or Picmonkey.

Check out this post on creating visual images.

Organic Facebook Reach Summary

Yes, Facebook organic reach is going down and will continue to go down.  Yet there are ways you can stand out because there are plenty of Pages that get way over the average reach.

So, what you are you doing about it?  Do you use any of the tools above or other ones?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

37 Responses to Facebook Organic Reach – How to Increase It ?

  1. Another great post. I have used ShareGrab and wonder a bit about it’s accuracy (or perhaps Facebook’s accuracy in sharing info with ShareGrab). I’ve posted something that was shared multiple times and got the big ol’ “F” from SG for no shares. However, it is certainly another great touchpoint for keeping up with peer and aspirant pages.

    Also, I’m personally a Canva addict. If I read something, hear a lyric or have a thought, the first thing I do is bring it to life ASAP in Canva to use as content. Good stuff!

  2. Great Post – I love Canva for graphics. Its easy to use and has so much free material. I especially like your tips about the global audience and how to send out posts to reach your global audience.

  3. Hi Ian, yes and no…. to this blog.
    I am eCommerce business. Started on Face book as a fun place for my friends to share then slowly after 12 months decided to take it to a new level. My reach has not grow over the last 12 months and it has got less than 3 % off my just under ten thousand fans. I run ads I also run competition, I list my post via an app that is regular and when my fans are on Facebook.
    The fact is Face Book has been destroyed by you guessed it ….. marketing.
    The Marketers that want a quick buck, and run fan pages then sell affiliate products, the marketers that do not want to work hard and build a business and a fan base that they communicate and bond with.
    Face Book does not see the genuine business through the mucky marketers and treats all the same.
    It happened in Google ad words and slowly it will happen where ever people can see a quick $$$$

    For these small business that started as a genuine business it is harder than it has ever been to break through to the customers that actually chose to like your style of sharing. Yes I am saddened but not broken lol.

    See these Marketers will not want to spend to see $$$ and they will leave and then maybe the real business trying to make a go of it will be rewarded long term on Facebook but only time will tell.

    Sorry for the negative Ian, but it is the reality of it. I will keep on plodding because I still have customers that I treat as customers and communicate, talk to them, and yes laugh with them.
    But again this is just one small business owners thoughts.

    • Hi Jen,

      All opinions are welcome here!

      You make a very valid point about the marketers. Over time Facebook will implement more controls and will try to reward the good content the same as Google is trying to do with their recent updates. But reach is never going to be high enough for us as we want all our fans to see our updates!


      • Thanks for the reply, no never expect all my fans to see the updates but I am seeing drops down to 4% – that is low and I am not all sell sell sell I never use Face Book like that.
        When only 40 or less people see posts at the time when they are on Facebook, you must admit something has changed in the last 6 months.
        Not trying to be negative on your blog but when it relates to my small business yep will give a opinion. I am in Australia just for reference. Also probably the first on of your blogs I felt I would get on my little fancy soap box.
        Keep sending me those emails I always open them just to see what the big world of blogging in marketing is doing. Right and wrong lol
        Jen 🙂

        • Hi Jen, its good to hear from a fellow Aussie. I don’t think you’re on your soap box. I think you’ve raised a real issue for small businesses. How to keep in touch with customers. If relying on Facebook you’re only reaching 4-6% of your followers. One option is to use multiple channels like FB, Twitter and emails as a way to communicating to customers. More work, but may mean you get to reach more of your customers.

  4. I’m taking a social media class, and the professor discussed organic reach the other day. However, we didn’t have any statistics or numbers. I think it’s interesting that only 14% see a post. Logically, 100% should see a post by any user. This strategy is smart for monetizing Facebook. For a low cost, someone can reach a # of fans and know that, in fact, they reached them. Such is an interesting economic scenario; advertising doesn’t usually guarantee a # of viewers.

    • Thanks Evan, reach used to be 14% but not it’s much less!

      There is a valid argument that Facebook should apply some filters to content because there is too much of it but it might be over filtered at this stage!!


  5. There’s a lot of conversation lately about Facebook Organic Reach. I have used Agora Pulse Barometer to benchmark my pages and have not seen any dramatic decrease for most of them. But just in case Emeric’s tool is wrong, I also monitor these metrics myself on a regular basis. Really: no huge decrease on Reach to be concerned about.

    • Cool! I know Emeric done a recent report on his barometer tool and it showed that some industries has actually increased in reach. I’m sure you provide great content which helps! Ian

  6. Great One, Even with a decline in reach, you’re still able to reach your most engaged fans who are the most interested in your business.

    • Thanks Peg, both myself and my wife are big fans!! By the way, we never had a chat on the phone. Would love to skype, I think good ideas will come out of the call! I know you’re swamped so no worries if it doesn’t suit! Ian

  7. I love images with big bold text but then those posts can’t be boosted because of the FB text rules in promoted posts. Any tips there?

    • Hi Kristen, that’s a good point. Some sneak through but others don’t. My tip is to post the image that meets the requirements and then add in a comment with the full image. Would that work for you? Ian

  8. Thanks for the Post Planner shoutout! ShareGrab looks pretty cool. You can also do this with our Viral Photos feature just FYI. Lets you see what photos have gone viral on pages you enter into the app.

  9. Hey Ian, This is exactly what i was looking for…. My facebook posts reach is decreasing day by day. Every single time it asks it notifies me to promote the post by paying. 🙁

    Thanks for the tools i will definitely try all the tools and give my feedback…

  10. Has anyone done the math on this pay to play scenario? Based on our current Facebook ad spend in order to replace our organic reach drop (of just 60 days ago), with new Facebook ads we’d have to spend literally about $50,000 per month – is anyone else seeing this or is it just my luck?

  11. The issue I am facing is I have build a page from 0 to 9,000 fans in a month with Facebook ads. The audience is also targeted and of my niche. But the organic reach is too low. Every post gets around 10-15 reach. I have to boost almost every post to show engagement to the client. While I have another page having 25k fans build in same style and fashion. It receives 1000 fans each week organically now and huge engagement on posts. Not only this it draws leads for the business. Can you help me where am I wrong?

    • Hi Vaishnav, maybe you are targeting the wrong type of people with your ads? That would explain low engagement. It’s either that fans or the content you are providing. I am guessing that the client is impressed with big numbers so you don’t pay a lot per fan?

      • May be. I analyzed my competitor’s fan page and compared it with my audience and content. They are pretty much similar. However the competitor has around 60k fan base. Meanwhile I just realized today that I haven’t allowed fans to post on page which in short was a blunder I had been committing ad not known to me. I have made some changes in the page like allowing people to tag their friends, allowing posting on page, revising content strategy. I will try and test things for a week or so and see what’s wrong around. Thanks for this post!

          • The page I am having issues is an Astrology based business page. It has a daily traffic around 25-30,000 on website. However the current CSS and design does not support much in getting social followers. During the festive seasons, my ads which are “optimize for clicks” perform 2.5 times better than usual days. However I enjoy post boost option and use it very frequently as it gives a tremendous results.

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