How to Promote Your Blog Post to Get 1,000 Shares

Do you want to know how to promote your blog post so it’s shared over 1,000 times on various social media channels?

There are some optimization tricks, tools and techie stuff you need to be aware of if you want to make that happen. However, you have to have great quality content as a starting point; without this, you are wasting your time!

In the following infographic, we show you a step-by-step way of using a range of tools and techniques that will help you promote your blog to get 1,000 shares and possibly even many multiples of this.

This infographic was designed by our friends in Canva.


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As you can see, there are lots of tricks and tools that will help to promote your blog. Let’s break it down.

A compelling title

A compelling title makes all the difference and having a number in the title helps a lot.

I recently did a post on ‘How to increase social sharing by 97%’. Of course I can’t guarantee that it will get you a 97% increase, but including 97% in the title dramatically increases the number of social shares. See for yourself!

social sharing

You can radically increase the number of shares based on your title 

A negative title can also capture people’s attention e.g. How not to do something.

Make it easy to share

Sometimes, you arrive on a blog post and there are no obvious sharing icons.  It’s important to make sure the sharing icons are really clear: we use a plugin called Flare that allows us to position the icons across the top of the post and also down the left-hand side. This way, as you scroll through the blog post, the social sharing icons are always visible.

Another thing to check is whether your social sharing options are visible and working on a mobile device. A lot of social sharing is carried out via smartphones and tablets, so if your site is not performing well on different platforms you will lose a lot of potential shares.

Social Media Optimization

It’s becoming increasingly important to optimize the content on your blog for social sharing. When people share your posts, you want them to look really great on social media channels to encourage more people to come and visit your site and get them to share it, too.

This means adding some code to your posts that describe the post more effectively. For example, using the right code can tell the social media channel which image to use when someone shares out the content.

On Facebook (and other channels), you can provide information known as Opengraph data, which describes the post.

On Twitter, you provide what is called Twitter card information. For example, when someone shares a post of ours on Twitter, they get a nice big feature image displayed on Twitter as below.

Twitter Cards

Large-sized image displayed on

There is a social media optimization testing tool from Know.em that allows you to verify whether you have the relevant information included in your posts.  See here.

Run this tool to see what percentage score you get for each platform and then work with your developer to increase it.

Optimize for Google

If you optimize your content for Google, this will help with the ranking  of your blog post and will bring in more traffic. This will then give you a better chance of getting shares. At a minimum, make sure you optimize your:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Headings
  • Page Name
  • Content.

If you are using WordPress, the All in One SEO plugin or WordPress SEO by Joost are great.

Depending on how competitive your target keywords are, you can start ranking on page one of the search engine results within a couple of days and sometimes sooner. Rankings are not an exact science so you’re never 100% sure but you need to give your content the best chance.

Read this post which gives you a checklist to improve your search engine optimization: SEO Checklist. Also look at the infographic on Backlinko about optimizing content.

Make your images Pinterest friendly

Even if you are not active on Pinterest, you want to encourage visitors to share content there.  We use Canva, which allows us to create blog post images very easily.

For the images we create, we use text that describes the image.  This means that when it is shared out on Pinterest, people can immediately see what the image is related to.

We use the plugin JQuery Pinit for images, which puts an option to pin an image when you hover over it.

Create Tweetable Quotes

If you create a Tweetable quote within your content, you can use a ‘Click to Tweet‘ option to make the quote tweetable.  Your website visitor just clicks on the option to tweet, and a tweet is automatically created for them to share with their followers who will hopefully retweet.  Include a hashtag so you get extra exposure.

Automatically Share Your Content

When you launch your own blog post, you should share it automatically to your social media channels.  There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion. is a really good tool for automatically sharing out your content or you can use Twitterfeed (Twitter only).  You can easily set it up to pick up your new content and share it to appropriate channels. If you have an autoresponder series (a group of emails sent out to new subscribers) you could also add it to this.

Ifttt is a good tool for setting up sharing between a wide range of apps.

Track your sharing

There are various ways to track what you share and one useful tool is the Google URL builder.  This lets you add information to the website address you share so that, when traffic comes back to your site via that link, you know where it’s coming from.

Understanding what works and what doesn’t is important for sharing as you can use this to feed into your next article ideas.

Tools to Share

There are a wide variety of tools available to share, for example:

  • agorapulse or postplanner – Share your content to Facebook
  • Chrome Doshare plugin – Schedule your content sharing to Google+ personal profile
  • Buffer – Share to Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • Socialoomph – Create a queue to reshare your older content
  • Triberr – This is a community of bloggers who share each other’s content out on social media channels
  • – This is another useful community for getting your content known.

Other Places to Share to

There are many other communities you could share your content to, for example:

Bizsugar, Reddit,  Stumbleupon, Viralcontentbuzz, Squidoo (create a ‘lense’ and link it back to your post), Digg, Tumblr, Instagram (create a good image), forums, Quora (ask a question and create a discussion) etc.  There’s an endless amount of places to promote your blog content but you need to figure out what works best for your type of content.   There is a lot of bookmarking tools you can share your content to and you can use tools like Onlywire to share but I have found that unless you have an active presence on them then the value is limited.

For this post I always create a SlideShare presentation and embedded the infographic as part of this.

Share via e-mail

When you share your blog content using your email newsletters you get more visitors to your website, which leads to more shares.

Use OptinMonster as a tool for building your email subscribers for your blog.  This allows you to set up various opt-in boxes on your website and it’s great for conversions.

For email marketing, there are a variety of tools to choose from, e.g. AWeber, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Ontaport and Getresponse.

Blogger Outreach

You might have wonderful content, but if you don’t do all the promotion necessary then not enough people will see it.  Blogger outreach basically means reaching out to bloggers that are influencers, in the area of your content, and telling them about your content.  There are various tools for finding influencers but Grouphigh is excellent, while Twtrland is great for finding bloggers through Twitter.

Monitor Results

You need to track what is working – or not working – because this can give you valuable information to feed into your next post promotion. Use tools such as Google Analytics, Kissmetrics or the social media analytics provided with tools such as Buffer.

Push Again

After a couple of weeks, why not do another promotion of your excellent content? If it’s good, it should be promoted again.


With the right process, promotion, tools and content and some networking you can generate a lot of social sharing.  But it requires some work!

1. Comment below – What are your tips for social sharing?  Is there anything above that you would use?  What do you do to promote your blog posts?

2. Read this – Here’s a good post from Kissmetrics on increasing social sharing on product launch.

We would love to hear your thoughts.

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    We also select some great communities on Google+ and Facebook to share content. But the most important thing to share content in these communities is that you must build rapport first. Like, I have dedicated 2 of my team members for a month or two to get in those communities by helping people around in their different questions. As soon as the moderators start trusting you, they will allow you to share your content. I always advice to keep a balance between our own content and content from other resources. So everything looks legit and it wont hurt the community standards.

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