How to use to Distribute your Blog Post through Twitter

How to use to Automatically Distribute your Blog Post through Twitter

There isn’t enough hours in the day for us to get through all the tasks and social media is constant.  If there’s a manual repetitive task that doesn’t require much thought I like to automate it.  You’ll find a robotic hoover and a robotic lawnmower at my house!

So what about automation of social media tasks?

Some automation is totally inappropriate in social media but some makes perfect sense.

When you create a blog post do you automatically create a tweet about it?  Do you ensure that this tweet is going out at a time that is appropriate to your audience? is a tool that allows you to automatically send your blog post through twitter.  The basics are easy to set up but there are some advanced options that are worth considering. is used by many of the top social media professionals and after researching it, we see can why.

Check out the video…

We recently researched a variety of these type of blog to twitter automation tools and has the best automation facilities.

What do you think? Is this a tool you would consider using?


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  1. Having seen Ian’s video description of I decided to try it out.

    I have a number of sites and it looked like one account with would allow me to control all my automatic updates e.g. posts to Twitter and Facebook, in one place.

    Yesterday I tested it with posts, and all worked perfectly.

    I was able to deactivate a WordPress plugin and a second Facebook app that easily replaces.

    I plan to roll it out to my other sites shortly.

    Somehow I think I’m only scratching the surface of this applications power.

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