Google Keyword Tool: How to use to Increase Traffic to your blog

How to Use Google Keyword Tool to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Note:  This has now been replaced by the another tool.  Check out the Ultimate guide to Google Keyword Planner.

Are you creating blog posts with relevant keywords to ensure that Google gives you relevant traffic?  Do you know what keywords you should use?

Google Keyword tool is a free tool provided by Google that gives you an indication on the level of searches performed based on keywords you input.  So for example, if you are writing a blot post about social media Google will show you the number of searches for social media and also searches for related keywords.

It’s very useful to know what people are searching on because you can consider this when creating your blog post to ensure you get relevant traffic.

The following video goes through how you use Google Keyword tool.



Have you used this tool? Have you got any benefit from using it?  What are the pitfalls?