How to Use to Share Great Content is a content curation service that helps you find and share great content in your own visually appealing online newspaper.

For example, you could decide that to include a selection of tweets you send in a newspaper.  Subscribers and/or twitter users automatically get a copy of this online newspaper.

Prior to sending the content you can remove what you don’t like and re-organise the layout of the newspaper to make sure only the best content is delivered.

Here are 2 how to videos on how to use

1.  Creating an online newspaper


2. Editing an online newspaper

Ideas on How to Use

Here are some ideas on how to use

  • Create a daily newspaper just for you. It’s great at finding content you may not always find on twitter.
  • Create a newspaper based on your product and share internally with your product management team.
  • Provide an end of day report at a conference using the hash tag for the event.  A great way of getting attention!
  • Generate an e-mail newsletter that is delivered to your subscribers.  This could replace your standard e-mail newsletter.
  • A monitoring tool for your business.  You get a daily report on any mentions of your company name on the internet in a nicely formatted an visual newspaper!

Have you used  How have you found it?


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