How to Use to Share Great Content

How to Use to Share Great Content

When you are sharing content to your fans or followers (yours or others) do you share each article one at a time?

How about compiling these articles together in an online newspaper?

That would make it easier to read but and it will look more professional.

That’s where can help.

About is a content curation service that helps you find and share great content in your own visually appealing online newspaper.

For example…

You could decide to include a selection of tweets you send in a newspaper.  Subscribers and/or twitter users automatically get a copy of this online newspaper.

Prior to sending the content, you can remove what you don’t like and re-organize the layout of the newspaper to make sure only the best content is delivered.

It’s a nice way of presenting lots of information.

Imagine sharing a weekly edition of relevant news in your industry.  You don’t just focus on your content you focus on providing really relevant and useful information related to your industry.

This newspaper is an opportunity for people in your industry to find out what’s going on and it becomes a valuable and shareable piece of content.

By using the right tool you can easily create this piece of content and have it up and running in minutes!

Let’s take a look!

Videos that explain

1.  Creating an online newspaper – This video shows you how to set up


2. Editing an online newspaper – Once you have the newspaper up and running this shows you how to edit it.

Ideas on How to Use

Here are some ideas on how to use

  • Create a daily newspaper just for you. It’s great at finding content you may not always find on twitter.
  • Create a newspaper based on your product and share internally with your product management team.
  • Provide an end of day report at a conference using the hashtag for the event.  A great way of getting attention!
  • Generate an e-mail newsletter that is delivered to your subscribers.  This could replace your standard e-mail newsletter.
  • A monitoring tool for your business.  You get a daily report on any mentions of your company name on the internet in a nicely formatted an visual newspaper!

Can you see the potential of using something like this?

There are numerous different online newspaper options out there. is relatively easy to create and the newspaper looks good.  There’s also a great team of people involved in this product.


Presenting content in a way that is easy to consume for people is extremely useful.

With and other similar platforms you can present content in a nice layout that makes it easy to read and share.

There is some possible automation where you can automatically create the newspaper without editing.  This is not something we’d recommend.


If you curate the content and provide a really good high quality newspaper that is going to be appealing to your audience.

Would you use or similar tools?

What do you think of it as a publishing tool?


19 Responses to How to Use to Share Great Content

  1. Hi Ian, thanks to you and the team for the write up and videos. The community is going to find a lot of value in both. We really appreciate it!

    I highly encourage users to take the time to define their sources initially and then fine tune their content on a daily basis. I am hearing great things from the publishers who do in terms of good return on shares, views and business leads!

    • Hey Kelly, I’m glad you like them and I hope the community gets a lot of value out of them. As you say if people work at picking the best content and curate it then they can produce great papers! Ian

    • Reading up on it Kelly a few are moaning about being bombarded with notifications – is there a simple “turn off” function in your settings and if so I will defo be signing upto it on for several of my clients in different niche markets.

      • James, apologies. Somehow I missed this. I need a comments strategy I suppose!

        Pro users have the option to set the notifications to manual. This means they go out when you decide, not automatically with each edition.

        Regarding edition, both the free and paid version allow full editing. That’s a must have for any and all publishers!

        James, if you have additional questions, feel free to reach me on twitter @kdhungerford or drop me an email. at

  2. how feeds from facebook can be published on Paper.Li?
    Is it necessary to have a twitter account to favourite something?

  3. I’m using the Pro version. It’s the only way to go. Too many people want stuff for free and in general it’s a waste of your time. Determine what it is you want to create and don’t be afraid to invest a little cash in your idea! Nothing good was ever built on “free”. You get what you pay for.

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