How to Use to Share Great Content is a content curation service that helps you find and share great content in your own visually appealing online newspaper.

For example, you could decide that to include a selection of tweets you send in a newspaper.  Subscribers and/or twitter users automatically get a copy of this online newspaper.

Prior to sending the content you can remove what you don’t like and re-organise the layout of the newspaper to make sure only the best content is delivered.

Here are 2 how to videos on how to use

1.  Creating an online newspaper


2. Editing an online newspaper

Ideas on How to Use

Here are some ideas on how to use

  • Create a daily newspaper just for you. It’s great at finding content you may not always find on twitter.
  • Create a newspaper based on your product and share internally with your product management team.
  • Provide an end of day report at a conference using the hash tag for the event.  A great way of getting attention!
  • Generate an e-mail newsletter that is delivered to your subscribers.  This could replace your standard e-mail newsletter.
  • A monitoring tool for your business.  You get a daily report on any mentions of your company name on the internet in a nicely formatted an visual newspaper!

Have you used  How have you found it?


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  • Kelly Hungerford

    Hi Ian, thanks to you and the team for the write up and videos. The community is going to find a lot of value in both. We really appreciate it!

    I highly encourage users to take the time to define their sources initially and then fine tune their content on a daily basis. I am hearing great things from the publishers who do in terms of good return on shares, views and business leads!

    • Ian Cleary

      Hey Kelly, I’m glad you like them and I hope the community gets a lot of value out of them. As you say if people work at picking the best content and curate it then they can produce great papers! Ian

      • James Dooley

        Last one folks. If I’m setting it up with obviously relevant content then what’s your tips – should I be using rss or mainly hashtags or mixture of them all? Just want to make sure I set it up perfectly because is it true you can edit it once you’ve set it up??

        • Ian Cleary

          The paid version allows editing. I think editing is essential whether you use hashtags or RSS. Ian

          • James Dooley

            Thanks Ian

    • James Dooley

      Reading up on it Kelly a few are moaning about being bombarded with notifications – is there a simple “turn off” function in your settings and if so I will defo be signing upto it on for several of my clients in different niche markets.

      • Kelly Hungerford

        James, apologies. Somehow I missed this. I need a comments strategy I suppose!

        Pro users have the option to set the notifications to manual. This means they go out when you decide, not automatically with each edition.

        Regarding edition, both the free and paid version allow full editing. That’s a must have for any and all publishers!

        James, if you have additional questions, feel free to reach me on twitter @kdhungerford or drop me an email. at

        • James Dooley

          Thanks for the reply and I will be sure to follow you now on twitter and likewise if you can follow @james_dooley that would be great. Ta

          • Ian Cleary

            Hi James, I just followed you! Ian

          • James Dooley

            Thanks. Are you making the most of the linkedin publisher platform?

          • Ian Cleary

            Hey James, tried it a few times and it’s hit and miss. Some posts do great and nothing happens others. Have you been using it? Ian

          • James Dooley

            Just started but will let you know how it goes mate. I have heard plenty of mixed feelings about it. Many are saying it does not matter if you duplicate an existing blog onto there as does not have to be unique content – is this true?

          • Ian Cleary

            Hi James, you’re generally only sharing snippets not the full article! Ian

  • Kareem SaMaRa

    Hi Ian, thank you for sharing this info, I really appreciate it!

  • James Dooley

    Is it free to set up? Would the newspaper be on a URL and act as a link or just posted to twitter as a tweet? Hope that makes sense?

    • Ian Cleary

      There is a free and a paid option and yes it’s available on a URL. Ian

      • James Dooley

        Free version but seems it was because of the length of the tweets it was hard to add any via @ onto the tweets