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Is the Future of List Posts?

List posts are a great way of getting people to engage in your content.

A list is a great way of breaking up content into easily manageable chunks.  But the problem with lists is that once created they are generally not updated.

But is this a problem?

It’s not a problem for all lists as some are lists at a particular point in time.  But having a dynamic list that is community driven has it’s benefits.  So let’s take a look at what has to offer you.

Creating a Community Driven List Post is a collaborative list building tool.

You create a list on and people can add to the list and vote on items in the list.

You can then embed this list on your Website, Facebook Page (embedded as an application) or even on your mobile website.
A list of the top 100 Designer Blogs

Key Functionality

  • Lists automatically adjust for a mobile device (25% of our traffic is from mobile)
  • There is integration with aweber so you can get people to vote on an item and get them to subscribe to a list.  This is very powerful as a vote indicating you like or support something so it’s more likely you’ll subscribe to information related to it
  • There is moderation available on the list
  • Lists you create that are embedded on other sites get a link back to you.
  • You can brand your lists so create a great list and get everyone to include it on their blog.  As well as the link you can put a great banner across the top.
  • Lists can include a variety of content including images and video.
  • Google really like lists, however, they are more likely to display the list from instead of your site so make sure you have clear branding on your list.
Hindi Songs on
Over 100,000 views of this List of Hindi Songs. This has embedded videos within the list displayed as as a featured item

Any ideas for lists?

Why don’t you create a top 10 list for the best products or services of 2015 and get this list shared around the world.

Create a list of potential speakers at a conference and get people to vote on the speakers.  The community decides who speaks!

Create a list of the best lists!!!

Even if you create blog post with a list as a once off it’s still worth considering as variety of your content is important.

Summary is a nice tool for creating collaborative lists.

Not all lists are collaborative and not all lists are suitable for but there are certainly plenty of ways of using this functionality.

At the moment there’s a lot of posts appearing within blog posts.  The only concern in this area is that will these lists be actually kept updated.   Some of them may not have to be updated.

If they are ongoing lists I think they need to housed outside a blog post to ensure they don’t get lost.

Have you tried out  What do you think?  What’s your results of trying it out?