Modifying Images: 5 Excellent Tools for Changing your images

modifying-images-smallAdjusting the size, look or format of images can be very important when you share images through your blog or social media channels.

Do you use any tools that will help with this?

In this article we outline 5 tools you can use to optimize your images.  This is the first of 3 posts on using images on the web, come back next Monday for the next one!

1. Adjust the size of your images using removes unnecessary bytes from your images to reduce the size of them.  It’s a lossless tool which means that even though the size of the image is reduced there is no change to quality.

Here’s an example of the image size adjustment with a few random images I tried.



Smushit reduces the size of each of the images but no reduction in image quality is also available as a wordpress plugin.  When it’s installed the images will automatically be smushed in the background!


2.  Focus attention with Color Splash

Color splash is an iphone and ipad app that changes your image to black and white and then allows you to color in a section of the image.  This means that the piece you color in will really stand out within the image.  It’s a cool app with very simple editing capabilities.


color splash

You can color in parts of the image to make it standout

I originally came across this app when Amanda from Spiderworking wrote about it.  Read her article for more details on how to edit images using Color Splash.

3.  Modify your images using Picmonkey

Picmonkey is a great tool for modifying images.  You can add text, place borders on the image, sharpen up your image, add shapes, arrows and much more.

Here’s an example of an image before it was edited.


Headfirst image

This is the image before we edited it..


This is the image adding a nice border and some text which took about 10 seconds.



Picmonkey provides an easy way to edit images


When you are sharing out images on social media text on the image can be very useful.  Text on an image captures attention and is particularly important if people are sharing the image to sites such as Pinterest.


4. Placeit – Add your image to pre-defined templates

With Placeit you can select an image or provide a web address and add it to one of their templates.  The images are displayed within iPhones and iPads with different backgrounds.  This is cool to show off a new product or service you have or just your website.

Here is an example, I just entered the web address of our site and Placeit embeds this onto an ipad with an image of an office in the background, cool?



Breezi provides a range of templates where you can add your own images into.

5. Autoreplanete – Social Media Image Maker

Autoreplanete provide a free tool for adjusting the size and touching up an image you want to use for your social media profile.


Select the social media platform and upload your image

Select the social media platform and upload your image


The interface  is quite simple.  You select the platform, the image type you are uploading (e.g. header, profile etc), upload the image and then start adjusting the size and touching it up.


Social Media Profile Adjustment

It’s a very simple tool for editing your profile images

Final Comments

Images are becoming increasingly important.  You see how quickly Pinterest is growing and there are other visual type platforms such as ‘Fancy’  that you will hear of soon.  I know that we are going to spend more time improving the quality of our imagery, what about you?  Any tools you’d recommend? Do you like the ones above?

Note:  A site I’d highly recommend if you want to know more about using images is Socially Sorted which is run by my friend Donna Moritz.

photo credit: Taylor Dawn Fortune via photopin cc


  • venkyiyer58

    Autoreplanete is new to me. Thanks for the intro.

    • Ian Cleary

      You’re welcome!!!

  • Megan Conley

    Wow – these are really excellent tools. I can’t wait to try them out. Have you tried Tiny Post? Fun mobile app – great for adding text to images for social.

    • Ian Cleary

      Hey Megan, no I haven’t heard of Tiny post, but I’ll certainly try it out. Thanks for you feedback and for stopping by!! Ian

  • Amanda Batista

    Thanks, Ian! Very helpful! Thanks for sharing this post. Another cool, free mobile app is called Mematic – great for adding text to images to make your own memes to post on social :)

    • Ian Cleary

      Thank you Amanda, that’s one I haven’t heard of. I’ll check it out! Ian

    • Ian Cleary

      That’s a cool App Amanda. I was going to include it in my weekly tips on Friday. Want me to link to your somewhere?

  • Tyler Anderson

    Nice list of tools. Excited to try Placeit. We’ve used ColorSplash for a while at the agency. Another great imagine tool we use is Snapheal.

    • Ian Cleary

      Thank you Tyler, I never heard of Snapheal so I’ll add that to the list! Ian

      • Tyler Anderson

        It’s a cool Mac app tool that helps you erase unwanted objects from pictures, fix imperfections, etc.

        • Ian Cleary

          I just watched the video and I love that functionality!!

          • Tyler Anderson

            Cool. Look at that, I introduced a cool tool to the guru of tools!

          • Ian Cleary

            Ha!!! You got me alright!!!!

  • zaddleinternetmarketing

    Love picmonkey – will be checking out the others – thanks Ian

    • Ian Cleary

      You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by!!! Ian

  • salcoombes

    Oh, wow I love Placeit and Autoreplanete, thanks for sharing. I find myself often editing pics on my iphone and then transferring them to desktop for web, if that makes sense. Overgram is great for writing text over instagram pics. Does anyone have a great resource for funky Facebook cover photos – collages etc? Thanks again, these tools are very useful.

    • Ian Cleary

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m doing more editing on my phone now also! I haven’t come across Overgram, you guys rock for coming up with all these new tools. The founders of contacted me the other day. They can automatically change Facebook covers, I haven’t tested it out yet! Thank you! Ian

  • Donna Moritz

    Thanks SO MUCH for the mention Ian! What a great article. I will be sharing this for sure (and bookmarking). Brilliant stuff! Love that you are doing more editing on your phone (and definitely check out Overgram – I saw someone mentioned it below. It’s fabulous for on the go editing (and of course I love PicMonkey, but you knew that already!). Here’s the link for Overgram: (and they are awesome on Instagram – some amazing images and overlays!).

    • Ian Cleary

      Hey Donna, thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it considering your the expert in this area! I’ll certainly check out overgram! Thanks for the link. Ian

  • Cindy

    Nice list>.
    One more useful image optimize tool for Mac–IMAGEmini

    Maybe you can try it! You can search it in Mac App Store.