How to make your WordPress blog Pinterest Friendly

PinterestEncouraging your website visitors to share content on Pinterest on your WordPress blog can be a fantastic source of traffic.

Are you driving traffic from Pinterest to your site?  Are you encouraging blog visitors to pin images to their boards?

In this article we take a look at how to make your WordPress blog pinterest friendly and generate more traffic to your site.  This is blog post 2 of 3 in relation (see 1 of 3 here)  to images on your blog.  Tune in next Monday for the next installment.


1.  Add a Pin it button to images

Even if you don’t have an active presence on Pinterest some of your visitors may be very active on it.  So there’s no harm providing a ‘Pin it’ button on images.

If you use wordpress a good plugin to use is ‘jQuery Pin It Button for Images‘.  It may not be the most user friendly name for a plugin but it is easy to set up when you install it!

When somebody hovers over an image on your site they’ll see a Pin it button.


Pinterest Friendly

When you hover over the image the ‘Pin it’ button will appear


When you select the ‘Pin it’ button the following screen appears.  You select the board you want to pin the image onto and the description.  The description is automatically taken from the title of the post.


Pin Pinterest

The description is automatically taken from the title


This ‘Pin it’ button will encourage more sharing of your images on to Pinterest.


2.  Include Text on your image that describes your post

This is something we currently don’t do enough of!  The image you have on your blog may not describe what the blog post is about.  On a visual platform such as Pinterest it’s better if the image describes the context of the image.

Kim Garst does a great job of this on her site.  Every image for her blog posts contains the text that describes the post.  Here is an example.


Kim Garst

Kim includes text within the images which is useful for Pinterest


One of the best tools for adding text to images is Picmonkey.  Read our article here on modifying images.


3.  Add a Pinterest follow button to your blog

If you want to build up your followers on Pinterest you could add a Pinterest follow button.  Here’s how you create the follow button:

1. Go to the Pinterest widget builder

2. Enter in your Pinterest address, give the widget a name and click ‘Build it’.  Pinterest will give you a piece of code to add to your website and when people click on it they’ll follow you on Pinterest.


Pinterest Follow

This creates a Pinterest widget you can add to your blog


4.  Embed Pinterest Boards using Tint

Tint is a tool which takes your social media content, aggregates it and allows you to display it on your website.  For example, you could display your tweets, Facebook updates etc.  You could also use it to embed your Pinterest boards within your website.

Within Tint select the option to add Pinterest:


Tint Add Account

Select Pinterest account to add it


Now configure the widget.  To ensure that the widget is responsive (it will automatically adjust in size on a mobile device) you must set the width to 100%.


Tintup configuring a widget

The configuration options for the widget are quite straight forward

Take a copy of the code and include it on a web page.  The web page will now automatically display all your latest pins to our boards on Pinterest.


Tint on Razorsocial

This is how your social feed from Pinterest will display within your website


Final Comments

The visual web is really important and Pinterest is growing rapidly.  Maybe it’s time to consider making your WordPress blog more Pinterest friendly!

Will you use any of the tools above?  What are your tips for promoting your content on Pinterest?

photo credit: via photopin cc

  • Rudd

    Wow, just know that we can add Pinterest follow button to our blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ian Cleary

      Thanks Rudd, glad it was useful.

  • venkyiyer58

    You live and learn. I have my hands full coping with Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Google Plus. I have never been interested in Pinterest, and believe it or not, I have never even been to the site. Till I never realized you could ask your readers to Pin, anyway, even if you are not a Pinterest user. Whoopee!

    • Ian Cleary

      yes, you have the choice in this free world!!! I have enabled the pin it option on images to see how I get on! thanks for your comment. Ian

  • Cindy Meltzer

    This is a great post. I especially agree with #2, as I have found far too many times that pinnable images contain text that has nothing to do with the post. I use the Hover Pin It plugin for my WordPress blog, and that plugin has the option of pulling the page title into the pin, which is a great option if you don’t want to enter text into every one of your images. Quick note: the link at the end of #2 (“modifying images for your blog”) is dead…

    • Ian Cleary

      Thanks Cindy, I’ve fixed that link. I’ll have to check out the plugin! Thank you! Ian

  • Hermansyah

    ‘Terimakasih’, atas masukkannya. “Salam sukses”.

  • Anneliz Hannan

    Yes, in agreement with @cindymeltzer:disqus, the number two tip is great. Where is your Pinterest sharing button here, @iancleary:disqus ;)

    • Ian Cleary

      Hey Anneliz, I have Pinterest sharing on every image so if you hover over the image you can share. I think providing too many sharing options is not a good thing either. Thanks for your feedback!! Always good to have people to keep me on my toes!! Ian.

  • Lisa Buben

    Hi Ian, I’ve been using the Share Juice plugin and love it – it automatically hoovers over every image for easy pinning on every post. I find if you use Pinterest daily it will increase your reach via Pinterest. It’s a great visual site. Nice to see there are more options for using the pin it in WordPress.

    • Ian Cleary

      Hey Lisa, I never heard of that one so I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for your feedback! Ian

  • Louis Foussard


    Just more flat-out great information. I just started seeing that “Pin it” button appearing right on top of images on a few blogs and wondered how they were doing that. Well, now I know!


    ~ Louie

    • Ian Cleary

      Thank you Louis, glad it was useful!!! Ian

  • Beytz


    Can I embed a specific Pin in a specific WP post using tint?
    Same question about a specific board?


    • Ian Cleary

      Hey Beytz, I did not see that functionality but you should check with Tint just in case, Ian

  • Amy Young

    Ian, I don’t know how much of a pinterest/blog expert you are :). I can’t seem to track down the answer. But before I get to my question, thanks for helping me add a “follow me” on pinterest button and I’m trying to figure out the “pin it” to hover over pictures. My real question is, on mobile devices, when someone tries to pin one of my posts, it just goes to my generic blog (messymiddle), not to the specific post. Any ideas how to fix that? And if not, no worries! This was a helpful post!

    • Amy Young

      Never mind … I think I figured it out :)

      • Ian Cleary

        Thanks Amy, glad you figured it out!!

        • Guest

          Can you help me figure this out? I can’t figure out how to get it so that when I pin to pinterest, if someone clicks on that pin it will go to the specific post that the image is in.

  • NobitasWorld
  • Yan

    Thank you for this – just added them to both my wordpress sites.

    • Ian Cleary


  • Sarah Stein

    This is a great post! I didn’t know that images needed to be named.

    • Ian Cleary

      Thanks Sarah!

  • Gemma Orrock

    Hi Ian, I have set up a Pinterest account but when I try to pin new photos from my website only 6 show up. Coincidently those 6 are feature photos. Do you know what I can do to ensure more can be sleeked? Thanks, Gemma

    • Ian Cleary

      Hi Gemma, what are you using the pin?

  • Monica

    Thanks for much for this Ian. I have been a bit hesitant to do anything significant with Pinterest. But with your help and my friend’s encouragement, I managed to add the plugin you suggested. We will see where it takes me. I appreciate the help and direction.

    • Ian Cleary

      Thanks Monica.