Mention is a great social media monitoring tool

How to Use Mention App for Effective Web and Social Media Monitoring

MentionMention is a web and social media monitoring tool. Monitoring what people say about you or your business online is crucial.   It helps build relationships, generate leads and protect your reputation.  Using a Social Media Monitoring Tool is really an essential tool that should be part of your social media tool box.



In this article we outline how to use ‘Mention App’ to monitor the web and social media.  It is a very comprehensive and effective tool that is well worth exploring.

My personal experience with mention is very positive.  I have connected with so many people because mention notified me that they mentioned my name or company name and I wouldn’t have found it without using mention.  So the following information is well worth reading!

Note:  If you want more information on social media monitor tools, click on the link below.

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About Mention App

Mention is a social media tool that monitors the web, including the major social media channels, to keep you informed every time somebody mentions your name, brand or target keywords, and its user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use.

When Mention spots that somebody talks about you or your brand you can instantly see this through one of their apps (Web, Desktop, iPhone or Android).  Alternatively you can get daily summary alerts which shows you the mentions for a particular day.

It is so important to track what people say about you or your business online.  Imagine if someone complains about your business and nobody responds to this.  You could instantly respond and turnaround this issue before it escalates.  Or, for example, you track your competitors name.  This could be a great opportunity to get more business (yes please!).

Mention has a cost-free plan where you can track up to 500 ‘mentions’ per month for your personal or brand name with up to 3 search terms.  The pro plan starts at $19.99 per month which is very reasonable considering how comprehensive the app is.  The pro plan tracks up to 50,000 mentions per month and you can set up an unlimited amount of alerts.


Mention App Alerts
View your alerts through a really nice user interfac


Key Features of Mention

Here are some key features we want to highlight that will be beneficial to your business:

  • Set up the alerts for your business name, keywords or competitors and get these alerts sent via e-mail or view directly within the application.
  • Track mentions across a wide variety of online sites – Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Forums etc.
  • Expand details of ‘mentions’.  For example, if you are in the mention app and see that your name was mentioned on a website you can click on this and view the website directly within mention app.  If you find a tweet you can view the bio of the person that sent the tweet before deciding to respond.


Mention App details
Viewing details of the tweet before responding


  • If you find that you get alerts from sites that are not relevant and you consistently delete these alerts mention app tracks this and will stop showing you alerts from this site.
  • Alerts that are deemed priority are highlighted.  They are priority if your name is mentioned or it’s from a site with a lot of traffic.


Mention Priority
Priority issues are highlighted so you can take immediate action


  • If you have other team members you can share out alerts to them and also assign tasks to deal with the alert.


Mention App Assign Tasks
Assign tasks to team members using Mention


  • You can perform certain actions on your alert, for example, share out details on Twitter, Facebook or just send an e-mil.
  • Mention tracks many different sites across the web and allows you to to filter on different sources.  For example, if you were interested in Facebook only you could filter based on this.


Mention App - Filter by Source
You can filter by source to view alerts for specific sources e.g. facebook, twitter etc


Mention is available an iphone or android app so you can monitor activity when you are out and about.   When you have a spare couple of minutes waiting on a meeting you can take out

your phone and respond to mentions, assign tasks to team members etc.


View alerts directly within the iphone or android app
View alerts directly within the iphone or android app


How to set up Mention

When you want to register you can enter in your basic details or use one of your social media accounts for your credentials.


Mention App Sign up
You can enter your basic details or use existing social media accounts when registering


After registering, you are instantly able to create your first alert.

Choose a name for the alert and add the key terms you want Mention to monitor, such as the title of your most recent blog post or the name of your top-selling product.


Mention App - Create an Alert
Specify the keywords you want to be alerted on and event the keywords you don’t want to be alerted for!


From here, you can choose search terms that you want to include or exclude, so if you share a name with somebody famous, you could include their profession or middle name to be excluded from the search parameters to reduce the number of irrelevant results you receive.

Choose the languages you want to monitor and the types of site to be watched. Enable “priority inbox” if you want your mentions to be assessed for how important they are, and “noise removal” if you want the site to learn which types of results you are not interested in when you delete them. You can also entirely block specified websites from your search results.


Mention - Manage and Filter settings
Select the sources you want to use, sites you want to block and other settings


As soon as you click, “Create my alert”, Mention springs into action and starts searching its indexes for your brand name or keyword choices. You can then add Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts to share the results they provide or share an alert with team members.


Mention - Share Alerts
Share Alerts through your social media channels or to other team members


Your alert is now ready and monitoring begins.


Mention monitoring brand
Monitoring your brand name using mention


Alternatives to Mention

A free alternative to mention is using Google Alerts.  This is useful but the alerts are not as comprehensive and the functionality provided with Google alerts is very basic.

There are many other monitoring apps available.  What we like about mention is that it is priced very well considering the functionality that is provided.  Typically you pay the big bucks for apps such as Mention.


At a minimum you should be monitoring your brand name online.  Mention is a cost effective and comprehensive tool that you should consider.

What do you monitor online?  What tools do you use?  What is effective for you?

We’d love to hear your feedback!


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  1. Great tools to check out. I like knowem as it tells you almost all the names available for you to create. I have entered my name and if I get mentioned somewhere I get an alert.

  2. This is a great tool but I am wondering how to take advantage of the results. My blog posts or quotes from them (Eric Yoffie wrote …) frequently appear on news sites and online publications. They don’t require a response but I would like some way to use them to increase my status as an influencer and/or increase my Klout score and/or raise my visibility. I write articles and blog for 4 online publications and am a paid speaker (My site is Thank you.

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