Looking for a social media speaker for your event?

Ian Cleary is the CEO of RazorSocial and is an exciting, dynamic, fun speaker that delivers very actionable and practical advice.

He speaks at the biggest social media conferences in the world and gets fantastic feedback.

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Speaker testimonials - Mark Schaefer


If you’ve been to an event where Ian has spoke before you can expect the following:

  • One of the best prepared presentations
  • Your event promoted heavily before the conference
  • Very actionable and practical content
  • Plenty of interaction and laughter in the audience (Ian loves humor)


What topics does Ian talk about?

1.  Social Media Tools and Social Media Technology

Ian has very strong expertise in this area as his business is based around this.  Ian delivers very actionable and practical talks about how businesses can leverage the right tools and technology to deliver better performance for their business.

2.  How to build influence online

Ian has established himself as one of the key influencers in the social media industry on a global basis.  This was done over a short period of time and his process for building influence in an online world can be adapted for any industry.

Ian’s key insights and process is extremely beneficial for businesses and individuals that also want to build influence on a global basis.

3.  How to build your social media presence

Ian has very strong knowledge in social media and has a very successful social media presence.  He can help any business develop their presence further.

4.  How to build an award winning blog in 6 months

Within 6 months of launching RazorSocial it won an award as one of the top 10 social media blogs in the world in a competition run by Social Media Examiner.

5.  Marketing Tools

Ian has strong expertise in marketing technology and loves sharing information related to marketing tools used to generate more sales.

Can I see Ian in action?

Here’s an example video of Ian in action with some testimonials.



What recent events did Ian speak at and what’s coming up?

Here are some of the recent events Ian spoke at and some events coming up:

April 2013 – Social Slam Social Media Conference – Knoxsville, USA

May 2013 – Memcom – London

June 2013 – TBEX Global Travel Bloggers Conference – Toronto, Canada

June 2013 – OIConf – Cardiff – Social Media conference, keynote speaker alongside Mark Schaefer – Wales

October 2013- TBEX European Travel bloggers conference – Dublin, Ireland

October 2013-  Social Media Examiner online conference (3,000 people)

Jan 2014- NMX Bloggers conference – Las Vegas

March 2014 – Social Media Marketing World, San Diego.

May 2014 – Black and Decker European Marketing Group Meet up

Sept 2014 – Content Marketing World, Ohio

Sept 2014 – TBEX Global Travel Blogging Conference, Cancun

Sept 2014 – National Funeral Directors Conference, Tennessee

October 2014 – Social Media Examiner Success Summit

November 2014 – Social Boom, Tampa

March 2015 – Social Media Marketing World, San Diego

May 2015 – Marketing Progress Conference, Poland

Coming up…

September 2015  – Social Boom Conference, Chicago

September 2015 – Content Marketing World, Ohio

October 2015 – MarTech – London


How does Ian approach speaking events?

Here is an article on Entrepreneur.com on how Ian approaches speaking events.  Ian commits 100% to any event he is part of.


How to ensure massive success!


Click here to read the article.

Feedback from Social Media Marketing World 2015

Ian’s session was rated 4.8 out of 5.  Here is some of the feedback from attendants:

  • Loved that Ian made the audience talk to each other about tools they use. Got me to meet the people next to me.
  • Best presentation at the conference. Ian’s presentation delivery was engaging and authentic
  • It was great to know that some of the tools Ian uses I use! I got a lot of ideas about other tools to use which was awesome!
  • Extremely helpful, can’t wait to try out several of these tools that will help me be more efficient
  • Ian did a fantastic job!
  • Great session with lots of actionable insights.
  • One of the best speakers of the day – loved his energy, greeted every attendee with a handshake as they walked in the room. Very well done. Great tool suggestions too.
  • Along with Guy and Jason Miller, Ian was one of my favorite speakers. While the other two were more entertaining, Ian nailed the session-giving strategy. He quickly dove into the material, identified a problem, then immediately gave us the tools to solve the problem. The best use of time and the best with giving us results of any speaker at the conference. His model should be used by the other speakers.
  • Most high yield session ever! Mind blown.
  • He is always amazing – such great tools.
  • Rocked it!
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE that he greeted everyone at the door before the session began.
  • Great session! Made good use of time allotted to share lots of tools and ideas I can use back at work right away.
  • Loved that problems were tied to the solutions.
  • Very, very good and worthwhile!
  • Love it! Engaging speaker, incredibly useful content. Great slides. Excellent all around
  • Best session because it provided tools I can use.
  • This was my favorite session of the whole event. Ian really delivered some great tools and tips that I can take back to my job and implement immediately. Loved it.
  • Ian Cleary was probably my favorite speaker that I heard. Even though the session was right after lunch on the last day, he did a fantastic job keeping everyone engaged. I really liked when he made us talk with the person next to us about our favorite tools. It helped me meet someone new and it helped me learn about a tool or two that I hadn’t heard about before

How do I contact Ian?

If you are interested discussing an event with Ian please complete this contact form.


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