7 Sizzling Hot Social Media Tools Posts from Razorsocial

7 Sizzling Hot Social Media Tools Posts from Razorsocial

social media tool postsWhich hot posts have you missed on RazorSocial for the first two quarters of this year?

We’ve had an amazing year so far and I’m extremely excited about what’s to follow! We deliver a lot of content on a weekly basis, so it’s possible you’ve missed some of our posts.

Here are some of our most popular posts from the first half of this year.


1.  54 Professionals Share their best WordPress Plugins

This was a monster post of over 5,000 words, but I wrote very few of them!

We went out to top social media professionals around the world and asked them to tell us their top three WordPress plugins.  Here’s what came out on top:


Best WordPress Plugins
See what came out on top!


There are hundreds of thousands of plugins available, so it’s interesting to see which are the most popular ones.  We may go back and do this post again in the future.

WordPress SEO proved the most popular as it’s easy to use, and because not optimizing your content for Google means you’ll be missing out on a golden opportunity for free traffic.  It’s nice to see a newcomer – Optinmonster – making the list.  This is a plugin designed to help you build your opt-ins (i.e. the number of people opting into your email list).  I’m sure this will move further up the popularity list this year, because it’s a great plugin.

Post Link:  54 Professionals share their best WordPress plugins.


2.  How to Promote Your Blog Post to Get 1,000 shares

We partnered up with Canva and produced a blog post about how to get over 1,000 shares.  It was a very popular post, as it included lots of great practical tips, for instance:

a) Optimize your content correctly for sharing, for example, you can provide Twitter with information related to the imagery on your site, to make sure the correct image gets shared.  This helps with click-through rates.

b) Optimize your content for Google.  By optimizing content for Google, you’ll get more visitors which means you’re more likely to get shares.

c) Make your images Pinterest-friendly, and provide an easy way to share to Pinterest.  You may not be active on the site, but your audience will be.

d) Build up your email subscribers and share your content with them – Your email subscribers are a great source of traffic to your content, and traffic means more potential shares.  In your email, make sure you provide links to share your posts within the email.

Post link: How to promote your blog post to get 1,000 shares.


3. Social Media Marketing World – 17 Hot Tools

In March this year, I was delighted to present at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego.  It was such a fantastic conference, with amazing people!

I shared 17 very useful tools to help you with your social media efforts, and it went down a treat: they loved the tools!

Here’s me presenting at the conference.  It looks like I’m about to do an Irish dance but that is not the case…


ian cleary
Doing my stuff at Social Media Marketing World


Here’s a couple of the tools that I shared:

a) Littlebird – This is an excellent tool for building a list of influencers in your niche.  It looks at influencers and ranks them based on who gets followed the most by other influencers.  I have found that the lists it produces are really good.

b) Optinmonster – This is a great WordPress tool for building email subscribers.  There are many options, but one of them is a popup that only appears when a user is exiting your site.  It’s cool!

c) Leadpages – This is a tool for creating landing pages, and we use it all the time.  For example, when we’re running a webinar, it takes us two minutes to get a landing page up and running.

d) Postacumen – This is a really powerful Facebook analytics tool that provides good, actionable insights for your Facebook Page.

Post link:  17 Hot Tools Shared at Social Media Marketing World.

4.  32 Tool Providers Share their Favorite Social Media Tools

We thought it would be interesting to ask companies that build social media tools what their favorite tool was.  But, of course, they couldn’t share their own!  Some tried, but we didn’t let any through our net!

What resulted was a really interesting list.  Here are a handful from that list:

a) Simply Measured – The guys at Meshfire picked out the social media analytics tool Simply Measured, and I am a fan of this, too.  It provides great information presented in really nice visual reports.  What’s also nice is that you can also access all the data in a spreadsheet so that you can geek out on the numbers there if you want!

b) Canva – The guys at Antavo picked Canva, which is a tool for creating images even if you don’t have any graphic design skills.  By starting off with a template, dragging and dropping elements, updating text and colors and adding some imagery from their library, you can produce great images quickly and cheaply.  You can’t beat it!

c) Easy Tweet Embed – Josh from Post Planner picked Easy Tweet Embed, which allows you to easily embed tweetable text within a blog post.  For example, you can create a quote and people can click on it and tweet it.

d) Bulk Buffer – Syed Balkhi from WPBeginner picked Bulk Buffer, which allows you to bulk upload tweets to Buffer (the social sharing app).

Post Link:  32 Tool Providers Share their Favorite Social Media Tools

5. 8 Tools to Make Your Life more Pinteresting

In this article, we covered a range of really useful tools for Pinterest.  Here are some examples of the tools we mentioned:

a) Pinalerts – A very simple application that alerts you when someone pins something from either your boards or your competitors’ boards.  I use this for tracking when someone is pinning content from my competitors’ boards, because these are people who are worth connecting with – they may pin content from your boards too!

b) Tailwind – This is a Pinterest analytics tool that provides really easy-to-understand and well laid-out content that will help you grow your presence on Pinterest.

c) Viraltag – This is a tool for finding, sharing and scheduling content, and analysing the results to improve performance.

Post Link:  8 Tools to Make Your Life More Pinteresting.


6.  11 Social Media Management Tools to Shave Some Time Off Your Day

There are so many social media management tools out there that I could have written a post about 100 of them… if I had time!!

But I picked out 11 incredibly useful tools – here are a few of them:

Komfo – This is a really nicely designed management tool with a nice interface.  Recently, they added support for running your Facebook Ads through the platform, which is pretty cool.

Sprout Social –  This is a very good alternative to Hootsuite.  It provides better reporting and a nicer user interface, but it is more expensive.  Even so, it is a very popular management tool.

Oktopost – This is very much focussed on B2B environments.  It has some good functionality, including automatically tracking the web addresses that are shared through status updates.

Post Link:  11 Social Media Management Tools to Shave Some Time Off Your Day.


7.  How to Find Influencers on Twitter

Twitter is great for wasting your time, but it’s also great for connecting with really relevant people, if you know how to.

In this post, we discussed a range of tools that you can use to find influencers.  These were tools such as:

Twtrland –  This categorizes people into 60,000 categories and, within these categories, you can identify the key, most influential people who are worth connecting with.

Twitonomy –  What I like about this tool is that, when you identify influencers, you can find out who the influencers are retweeting and replying to most frequently.  This is a great way of finding other influencers.

Post Link:  How to Find Influencers on Twitter.


I hope that, from the articles above, you find something you may have missed the first time round.  Let me know your feedback and, if you’ve ideas for posts for the second half of the year, let me know.

Thanks for reading!



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