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5 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips Week 6

social-media-tool-tipsAre you looking for some actionable social media tool tips hat you can help with your business?

This is not an exhaustive post with extensive details but it does give you some practical actionable tips for your business. If you follow this post each week you will be able to pick off a couple of items to implement that will improve your social media marketing.

So here goes for this week.


1.  Use keyword filters within Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a very powerful social media management tool that provides a lot of useful free functionality.  One useful bit of free functionality is setting up a stream of content which is targeted at specific keywords.  For example, you could set up a stream which monitors twitter for your company name, brand name or keywords that are relevant to your business.

Read this article on how to set up Hootsuite more effectively which will show you how.


2. Install Boomerang for Gmail

This is a productivity tip and email management tip which will give you more time for social media.  Boomerang is a utility that you install in gmail and it lets you ‘boomerang’ e-mails.  Here are a couple of examples on how you could use it:

1. You receive an email that is not that important so you want to forget about it for a couple of days.  Instead of leaving it in your inbox you ‘boomerang it’ for 2 days.  The e-mail is taken out of your inbox and returns in 2 days.

2. You send an email to someone and if they don’t respond you want the e-mail returned to your inbox so you know you have to chase up a response.


Boomerang configuration
Boomerang is useful!


 3.  Leverage the value of your home page

Your home page it typically the most valuable page of your website.  It is the page that gets the most links from external sites so it is ranked higher.  So you need to consider how you make best use of this.  For example, if you wanted to move a particular page on your website up the ranks within Google you could link to it from your

For example, if you wanted to move a particular page on your website up the ranks within Google you could link to it from your home page.  This link could be very useful and valuable.


4.  Move to WPEngine

If you have a WordPress site who looks after it when it goes down or gets attacked by spammers?  Who backs it up before you add a new plugin or a change to your site?

In your business you don’t want to be wasting time focussing on these type of tasks.  You need to hand these off to the experts.  Recently I moved my site to WPEngine thanks to a recommendation from my friend Syed Balkhi. WPEngine is a team of wordpress professionals with a hosting center.  They provide a fully managed wordpress hosting facility for a very reasonable price.

With WPEngine every day everything is backed up and when you make a minor change you are prompted to back up first.  Your site will run really fast and is protected from viruses.


You are asked if you want to back up any time you make a change!


5. Use WordPress SEO

If you want to optimize your website for Google there are some great plugins if you use WordPress.  We recently did a post which reviewed WordPress SEO versus All in one SEO.   The plugin that comes out on top is WordPress SEO.  What I particularly like about it is that you pick a ‘focus keyword/keywords’ and WordPress SEO tells you what you need to do to optimize your post. This is really handy functionality.


Wordpress SEO
WordPress SEO gives you lots of indicators in relation to the optimization of your posts


So that’s all folks.  I hope you go off and study some of these and even implement them!


photo credit: betta design via photopin cc
photo credit: betta design via photopin cc


Would you like to add any tips on to this?  Please share you tips or comments!