3 Very Useful Twitter Hashtag Analytics Tools

Twitter Hashtag AnalyticsAnalyzing the activity around a hashtag on twitter can help you identify the influencers, find useful links, analyze trends and much more. If this article we look at 3 different tools that focus on hashtag analytics. So let’s get this party started!

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1. Analyze Twitter chats with TweetBinders

Twitter chats are conversations on twitter scheduled at a particular time and based around a topic defined by a hashtag.  

For example, #blogchat hosted by Mack Collier is a weekly twitter chat which talks about blogging.

Using Tweetbinders you can analyze a twitter chat to see who is engaged in the conversation, who is most influential, what tweets were shared, what links are shared etc. The term ‘binder’ is used within the product to discuss a grouping.  

It’s like having a file system with binders.  

You separate information out into categories that make sense.

The following shows stats for the people in the tweetchat that were the most active and it separates them by different criteria.  This can be very useful to find a group of people that are worth following based on their interest in a topic relevant to your business.


See who is most active and who is most influential

You can then filter the conversation to see what links were shared out, retweets, images etc.  The following shows a filtered view of tweets with only links included.  This can be useful to see what content people are referencing within their tweets.

TweetBinder Links

This shows only the tweets that had links in it.

You can also view overall analytics which shows you the total tweets related to a conversation over a period, retweets, links etc.

Tweetbinder analytics

Tweetbinder shows you analytics overall for a particular period


2. Analyze Your Hashtag with a Monitoring Tool

Instead of a using a purpose built tool for hashtag monitoring you can use a traditional social media monitoring tool which monitors and tracks conversations.

Once such tool is Brand24.

Brand24 is a really good tool for doing detailed monitoring on your brand and/or keywords.

Enter in the hashtag you want to monitor and Brand24 will retrieve details of mentions of this hashtag across many channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

You can see in the following chart it shows the number of mentions per day for the hashtag.  You can also view all the mentions and filter them by channel.



Brand24 Main Dashboard


You an then view the accounts that have the most influence sending out content with the hashtag included.  In the following example the ‘authors’ are displayed in order of top influence.



View more influential people sharing out your content

There are many other options on Brand24 to look at various filters of the content.  You can also set up email alerts.  

Overall this is really useful for tracking hashtags! 

3. Hash Tracking – Real-time tracking for events and campaigns

Hash tracking provides detailed analytics based around a hashtag you want to track.  It is used a lot at conferences.    If you’re a conference organizer you’ll probably want to see a graph similar to the following to understand the traffic generated:

Hashtracking Report

Detailed analytics providing an overview of activity related to a hashtag

When you drill down into users you can view who was tweeting the most and see how many followers they have.  You can then follow the most relevant people.  So if people are interacting with a hashtag and this is relevant to your business and they have a lot of followers these could be good followers to have!


Identify the influential users that are talking about topics relevant to your business



The analytics on traffic generated through hashtags can be very useful.  If you begin to track and analyse activity you can start adjusting the next events or twitter chat to adjust based on feedback. What twitter hashtag analytic tools have you used?  Will you use any of the above?

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  • http://malharbarai.com/ Malhar Barai

    Thanks for sharing the Tweetbinder tool. Should be pretty helpful for Twitter Chat hosts

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      You are welcome Malhar!

  • http://internetdreams.com/ Samuel

    Cool list of tools.

    I don’t usually research hashtags, but I bet they can give a better reach everytime. :)

    Samuel from Internet Dreams

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thanks Samuel!, they are certainly worth testing out!

  • BrandDigi

    Thanks Ian for sharing cool info.

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thank you!

  • http://www.incion.com/ web design company los angeles

    The easiest way to utilize Twitter to its greatest potential is through monitoring hashtags which means getting a full summery of data that explains how they are
    being used. This is such a big part of applying Twitter as a professional tool today that endless programs have been created to help you do it.

  • Minaz Abdulla

    Keyhole.co has developed a hashtag tracking tool which allows you to analyze hashtags and keywords in real-time in a nice visual dashboard. It also gives the ability to download the data in csv/xls formats. As an example, check out http://keyhole.co/realtime/BXrv5B/audi

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thanks Minaz, I’ll certainly check that out! Ian

  • Efrat Pieterse

    Hi. it is very useful for me.
    Do you know any tool that analyze older hashtags e.g if I want to compare this year to last year?
    Thank you

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Hey Efrat, not really but topsy.com has all tweets indexed since 2006 so you might find something useful there! Ian

      • Efrat Pieterse

        Hi Ian
        Topsy is great! exactely what I needed.

        * * Efrat Pieterse* *(P.hD)
        Information Technologies and user experience design*
        Open University of Israel
        Western Galilee College* *

      • Efrat Pieterse


        * * Efrat Pieterse* *(P.hD)
        Information Technologies and user experience design*
        Open University of Israel
        Western Galilee College* *

        • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

          Great, thank you!!!

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  • Richard Chang

    Really useful list. I tried hashtracking.com 3 times. It only works one time for me. Tried another platform (hashtags.org), the interface is better. The free version only give me last 24 hours analytics data.


    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thanks Richard, hashtracking worked fine for me so not sure what went wrong! I’ll try out hashtags.org! thanks.

    • b

      great explanation

  • Han Zhen Liu

    Hi Ian, would you like to try out ritetag.com? We are also in the hashtag analytics but we feel that our service provides actionable data rather than just numbers. I’d love to have product feedback from you.

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      I haven’t tried it for a while so I’ll try it again, thanks for the reminder!

      • Han Zhen Liu

        Thank you :) We’d appreciate any form of feedback. And please try out our chrome extension, our analytics is now directly connected with your twitter account so you don’t even need to be on our site.

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    These analysis of
    these patterns and thereafter using it are really required for the process
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    promotion. Really helping me a lot.Thank you for bringing that up.

  • Jitendra Padmashali

    Good post Ian, Twitter hashtags are a way to organize tweets into topical groups. Tools are available that make it easy to follow hashtag related conversations, start hashtag chats, and analyze data around their use.

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    We have built http://moo.pw from yourls which we use to provide short urls.

  • Malia Yoshioka

    We are looking for a tool to use for analytics for hashtags to help run a contest – three charities competing for a donation from our company, each charity will get a separate hashtag that users can “vote” with by retweeting, sharing, etc. and we would like to be able to see which gets the most votes. We use Twitter for our company but not FB. Do you have any recommendations?

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    This article is very helpful for my website http://www.guruofmovie.com/

  • Jitendra Padmashali

    Yes Ian, Hashtags can determine how easily you can target and track a campaign.It’s worth the effort to come up with a unique hashtag that fits with your particular campaign.

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Thanks Jitendra

  • Stephanie Marshall

    Tweepsmap.com also has a new Hashtag tracking report feature: http://tweepsmap.com/search/ – feel free to try it out. The cool part is that it gives you an interactive map of where people who used it live down to the city level. Feedback welcome!

  • http://carinsuranceshubs.com Esemon Idinye

    wonderful post ! now i understand how to use the twitter analytics thanks for this piece of information

  • Miloš Milosavljević

    Are there any tools that analyse the use of the same hashtags across different social media?

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Have you tried tagboard?

      • Miloš Milosavljević

        Looks very interesting, but it seems they’re still developing the service. The Analytics are still pretty shallow, and they follow three social media platforms… facebook, twitter and instragram. Will definitely keep an eye on it, thanks.

  • Jackie Robin

    Is there a tool for tracking hashtags after an event? All the ones I have found you need to register before the tweeting

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Have you tried tweetbinder? You can put in the hashtag after the event.

      • Ag-West Bio

        thanks, I’ll give it a try!

  • http://www.seriesmadness.tv SeriesMadness.tv

    we have tried these tools with our this project, it have less depths but good for scraping,

  • amanda

    Is there a way to see how long/where your hashtag was trending for?

    • http://www.razorsocial.com/ Ian Cleary

      Hi Amanda, I’m not aware of a tool for doing that!