Wordpress SEO Optimisation - Wordpress SEO Versus All in one SEO

WordPress SEO Versus All In One SEO

wordpress seo optimisationThere are various WordPress plugins that you can use to help with Search Engine Optimisation and 2 of the most popular ones are WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO.

WordPress Search Engine Optimisation is a process of helping google index your blog posts correctly so you appear high on search results for relevant phrases for your content. It’s not a process of tricking google!

Both plugins are very good but I have found that the Yoast SEO Plugin has the best configuration options and functionality.

Here are the main reasons why you will benefit more from this plugin:

1. It creates a Google XML Sitemap

A Google XML sitemap gives google some additional information about the structure of your website.  You can install other plugins to build an XML sitemap but that just’s another plugin to manage.  With a tick of a couple of options you can automatically build a sitemap but Google.

2. You need it for the Video Sitemap Plugin

I recently wrote an article on how important it is to have a video sitemap if you have video on your site.  If you have video on your website that is hosted on Youtube then Google doesn’t index this on your site.  With a video sitemap you tell Google about this video so that instead of redirecting people to Youtube they are redirected to your site.

wordpress seo optimisation - Google Video Sitemap Results
A video sitemap means videos will be indexed on your site even if they are Youtube videos


3. It Helps you Optimize your Posts

This is certainly not an advanced feature and there are better tools for doing this but if you’re not familiar with SEO this gives you a reminder of the type of things you should be considering.  For example, for this post my keyword term that I am focussing on is ‘WordPress SEO Optimisation’.

Although I mention this in the title I don’t mention it anywhere else.  I have a better chance of ranking in google on this if I at least mention this term in other places, for example, in the website address.

wordpress seo optimisation - Generating SEO Details
Issues related to SEO are highlighted so you can resolve them


4.  You can protect your RSS Feed

When someone takes a copy of your content using an RSS feed and displays it on their website you can automatically add a line to the bottom of the feed which links back to your blog.

wordpress seo optimisation - Protecting Your RSS Feed
Adding a link back to blog for any blog post that is copied on another site

Here’s a video from Yoast about the general tab which is the most important tab!


SEO Tips..

The following are some SEO tips that will help no matter what plugin you are using!

1.  Make sure WordPress is set up correctly to have keywords in the website address of your blog post.  By default this is not set up when you create a wordpress account and and it’s not good for SEO.

wordpress seo optimisation - WordPress Permalinks allows you to automatically add keywords to your blog post
By default WordPress is set up not to have keywords in the blog post name

2.  Keywords are not used by Google when it’s trying to index your content so ignore them.

3.  A description is not used by Google as part of its algorithm to rank content but it is very important as this can entice people to click on your link.

4. You don’t have to have the same headline as the page title.  They should certainly be similar but you could consider removing words that are great for a headline but not for indexing e.g.

Headline -> 5 Cool WordPress Plugins to Grow E-mail Subscribers

Title -> WordPress Plugins to Grow E-mail Subscribers

Final Thoughts

SEO Optimisation is not about putting lots of keywords in your text.  It’s helping Google to index your content correctly.

The SEO Plugin from Yoast provides a lot of help to ensure your post has the best chance to get ranked.

What plugins have you used?  What has worked best for you?


16 Responses to WordPress SEO Versus All In One SEO

  1. Thanks Ian, nice post. I’m using ‘All in one SEO’ and have gotten used to it, so not sure if it’s worth it for me to change to ‘WordPress SEO’ by Yoast. I’ve installed a separate RSS Footer plugin by Joost de Valk, that does the same thing as the RSS feature you mention. Thanks for the reminder about the keywords, I was still entering them, but I guess I can stop doing that 😉

    • Thank you sarah. I only moved because of the video sitemap plugin but once I moved I was glad I did. I probably wouldn’t have moved only for this as all in one seo was working fine! All the best, Ian

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  2. Hi, Ian —

    Thanks for the great post. Question — Do you have to have the paid version of Yoasts video sitemap plug-in to make this work? I’ve installed the free version, but the post you link to seems to indicate that you need the paid version. Can you clarify? Thanks!

    — Jamie Turner

    • Thanks Jamie. I never found a free version! Maybe there’s some restrictions on the free version but it takes a week to two weeks before anything starts showing up in search results! Ian

  3. Hi Ian,

    Thank you for the very informative post. I decided to take your advice and switch from All In One SEO to WordPress SEO by Yoast.

    Should I deactivate/delete All In One SEO? Because now I have both SEO plugins showing up on all of my WordPress pages/posts. I’m assuming it’s not good to have both…

    Thank you so much for you help!

  4. Really interesting article, Ian. Thanks. I’ve been using the Yoast SEO plugin for ages and I think it offers a great combination of ease of use and power. I’m thinking of using the premium version and the local plugin. I wondered if you had any experience with these, especially since you mentioned the video plugin?

    • Hi Ian, I bought the video sitemap plugin but it created an issue with my rss feed and I couldn’t resolve it. I know it works for most people! I haven’t bought the premiium version. Ian

  5. Great post – came here wanting to get a good post on Yoast as I knew you would have written one! ha ha. I also love their social section where you can add the meta info and actual image you want uploaded to Facebook! It gets better and better!

  6. Well, how did it address anything on All in one SEO, this is one sided article and title is misleading as there is no comparison.

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