Facebook analytics tools - 7 Alternatives to Facebook Insights

Facebook Analytics Tools: 7 Alternatives to Facebook Insights

facebook analytics toolsAre you monitoring your Facebook page activity regularly to assess and improve performance? Facebook Insights provides some good analytics, but there are also some very useful 3rd party Facebook analytics tools that go beyond Facebook Insights.

The amount of people you reach through your Facebook page is continuously decreasing so you need to consider every option to make sure that you reach more people than your competitors. There are also some tools that provide analytics as part of a management platform which overall has better functionality than using Facebook directly.

This article summarizes some great tools worth checking out.

Exclusive Free Bonus: Download details of 5 free tools you can use for Facebook Analytics plus an extra bonus of 2 great tips for improving results of your Facebook page.

1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse provides a full management tool for Facebook, detailed analytics and even apps for building competitions on Facebook. If you want one tool to use for Facebook management, apps and analytics consider Agorapulse. Here are some of the features for the analytics component:

  • Page and timeline level analytics overview and more detailed reports. Graphs display breakdown of paid, organic and viral reach.
  • Agorapulse Barometer – Free access to 8 competitive analysis statistics which compares performance of your page against other pages of a similar size to yours that also ran the barometer.
  • Useful analytics related to moderation of posts and content. As moderation of content happens through Agorapulse they can report on this, for example, average time to respond to comments. Very useful for community managers and agencies.
Agorapulse Dashboard
Example of the dashboard provided by Agorapulse analytics

2. Komfo

Komfo provide a full social media marketing suite (including a suite of Facebook apps) with social media analytics as part of this. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark but have a global team of 60+ social media marketing specialists. Komfo work with 350+ of the Nordic region’s largest companies and partner with 100+ of the leading social networks, agencies and software providers. Here are feature highlights for the analytics component:

  • Post analytics on individual posts with categorization provided to allow you to clearly identify posts that were viral, spammy, engaging or penetrating.
  • Shows performance for the last 30 days for up to 100 posts for the free version of the tool. This limit does not apply if you have a subscription to Komfo’s social media marketing suite
  • ROI calculation and display in graph format split up into paid, organic and viral.
  • Fan activity and influencer leaderboard
  • Useful and simple competitor comparison chart with proprietary scoring which makes it easy to rate.
Komfo Overview
Overview screen for Komfo

3. Quintly

Quintly helps to track, analyze and benchmark Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles.

  • Market Benchmarking – Benchmark your page against competitors to compare performance.
  • Customizable Dashboards – Set up customizable dashboards to monitor key metrics for you or your competitors. The dashboards can be converted to PDF’s.
  • Automatic Reporting – Based on your dashboards you can set up automatic reports to be sent to relevant people within your organization.
  • Facebook Insights Integration – You can import all your Facebook analytics data to the tool.
  • Mission control – This is a live dashboard where you can monitor changes live up on the wall.
Quintly Dashboard
An example of the quintly widgets
Exclusive Free Bonus: Download details of 5 free tools you can use for Facebook Analytics plus an extra bonus of 2 great tips for improving results of your Facebook page.

4. Scoreboard Social

Scoreboard Social provides simplified competitive and benchmark reporting for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • PDF reporting to your inbox – Get a weekly PDF which outlines the performance of your own, and/or your competitor’s pages.
  • Create multiple watchlists – A watchlist is a collection of pages. You can create multiple watchlists based on different categories of pages you are targeting. You can also have the same page in multiple watchlists.
  • View snapshot of performance – Based on the competitors in your watchlist you can view a quick overview of the top 2 posts for your competitor over the last 24 or 72 hours.
  • Create watchlists to track your page or your competitors
Scoreboard Social
Scoreboard social tracks the top performing posts for your competitors

5. Socialbakers

Socialbakers provide a suite of social media management tools, one of which is an analytics module for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VK.com (Russia’s #1 social network), and more recently Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Facebook page country breakdown – Overview of country level statistics such as number of Facebook fans
  • Industry benchmarking – compare your page by industry and region
  • Competitive analysis – compare performance of your page versus other competitor pages
  • View key influencers that are interacting on the page.
  • Good reporting options, for example, side by side comparison with multiple competitors.
Example report from Socialbakers

6. SumAll

SumAll is a cross platform analytics tool that works with over 30+ services ranging from Instagram to Paypal. One of the supported platforms is Facebook and through the tool you can view Facebook analytics on it’s own or combine this data with data from a variety of other platforms. For example, compare traffic through your website against Facebook analytic data.

  • Cross platform analytics – View your Facebook analytics in conjunction with other analytics. This will help you understand the correlation between channels (e.g. does more Facebook interaction lead to website traffic?).
  • View side by side analytics with multiple pages
  • Adjust date view to whatever date you require
  • Can track as many Facebook pages as you want. Really useful for agencies with a large number of clients.
You can view analytics across Facebook and many other platforms

7.  Sotrender

Sotrender is all about analytics and it provides a really good tool for a reasonable price.  With Sotrender, as well as getting analytics, it provides you with suggestions for improvement with the analytics.

FB Analytics
Sotrender Analytics

Get insights related to your audience, demographics and activity.

Price starts at $13 per month.


Facebook Analytics Tools Summary

To increase the amount of people that sees and interact with your content on Facebook requires some investigation to previous results and also investigation of your competitors. The above 7 Facebook analytic tools and Facebook management tools help you achieve better performance on Facebook. What Facebook tools do you use for improving performance of your Facebook page?

Exclusive Free Bonus: Download details of 5 free tools you can use for Facebook Analytics plus an extra bonus of 2 great tips for improving results of your Facebook page.

17 Responses to Facebook Analytics Tools: 7 Alternatives to Facebook Insights

  1. Ian, as always a great post that covers several good options for tracking Facebook metrics. I did notice that a theme across many of the tools mentioned was competitive benchmarking as well. As the founder of Rival IQ I would be remiss and not suggesting to your readers that we also have a very good solution to competitive benchmarking FB as well as many other social (TW/LI/G+) and other SEO and web metric channels.

    There are many ways to attack the problem but a key takeaway should probably be that no matter what technology you use, closely monitoring your own performance and your own performance compared to the market will result in greater effectiveness in your social media efforts.

  2. useful article, thanks. TIP: nowhere on this page is the date of this article shown, not even in the URL – comments indicate recency but the Google search had no way of knowing this – would help searchers to know the date.

  3. I work with Page Karma ( http://www.page-karma.com/ ), a great analytical tool for Facebook. lots of KPIs and configurations’ options (great for reporting) for monitoring & benchmarking your page. You can get on free trial of 1 month ! I sincerly recommend to try it…

  4. Ian, this is a great article with a detailed analysis.
    An issue with the existing social media analytics tools (Facebook analytics being a subset) is that – as Seth Grimes writes – they do not contain or convey the to-the-point answers you are seeking. They provide nice graphs, charts and dashboards, yet the make for ineffective decision support. Innovation is needed in the field and it will probably develop along different axes.
    One idea that we have developed at Postmechanics (http://www.postmechanics.com), is to hide the complexities and algorithms of the analysis and to present only information that can help the user act on the data, in the form of events. I can provide you with further info if you wish.
    Thank you.

  5. Thanks for sharing these tips. Very useful.

    I’m actually looking for a tool to specifically give me the top performing posts on Facebook (and other platforms too) going back on a month by month basis. Facebook insights doesn’t seem to provide date filters on the posts section or go back very far – unlike Twitter, which is spot on with their ‘top tweets’ section. Any tips?

  6. Useful list – thanks for sharing! I use many of these tools but would
    add Sociota to the list. I find it invaluable to schedule tweets for
    multiple twitter accounts.

  7. Hey! I would like to mention our new startup to this list. It’s called Twitics. Twitics dot co
    Twitics mixes publicly available social media data with Artificial Intelligence to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and customer preferences.

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