Flipboard: A Really Hot App for Reading and Sharing

Flipboard: A Hot App for Reading and Sharing

Flipboard A Hot App for Reading and SharingHow would you like your very own newspaper?

You decide what goes into the newspaper, based on what you are interested in.

You can browse it on your desktop or mobile device and easily share?

Let’s check out Flipboard…

What is Flipboard?

It’s a place for you to gather and share information that’s interesting to you.

You can follow Flipboard magazines of content created by other people to keep up to speed on topics, or you can create your own magazine and other people can follow you!

There are millions of boards set up so you’ll find boards for everything.

When you login, you view your own personal magazine.

This is a collection of content from the magazines that you follow.

When you see something of interest you can read it, share it and/or add it to your own magazine.

You can get Flipboard on Android devices, Apple devices and on Windows desktops.

Creating Your Own Flipboard Magazine

Your magazine is what you view when you login to Flipboard.

It’s very simple to create your own magazine.

You give it a name and a description and decide it if’s private or public.  Then you start adding content to it.


Creating a new magazine
Setting up a new magazine


If you make it public, everyone can see it.  They can then start following your board to get your updates.

Now, you’re ready to add content to your magazine.

You can use the ‘explore’ button and search for content related to your topic.


Find content in the magazines that you follow.

When you find content, you click on a ‘flip’ button to add it to your magazine.

That’s it… simple!

Here’s a video from Flipboard that walks you through the process.

Another way of adding content is to add a bookmarklet to your browser.  When you click on the bookmarklet, you can decide which board you want to add the content to.


Subscribing to Flipboard Magazines

If you want to find good content to share or just to add to your magazine, you’ll need to subscribe to magazines created by other people.

For example, I searched for ‘social media tools’ and came across this board.

Flipboard Board
Search and follow other boards


You click on the ‘follow’ button to start following the board and getting updates.

When you login to Flipboard, you’ll see updates from the magazines you follow.


Sharing Content

As well as sharing content on Flipboard, you can also share out content to other social properties.

You can share on Twitter, Facebook or by email if you are on desktop and the following sharing options are available on mobile/iPad:

Tumblr, Email, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Sina Weibo, Renren, Buffer and many others!

When you share out content, the link leads back to the original content, not to Flipboard.


How Do You Build a Following?

If you build a following on Flipboard, people will see your content in their magazines.

To build a following, you need to do the following:

  • Create interesting magazines – Share content related to the topics you are interested in that are relevant to your brand.
  • Share great content – If you are not sharing great content, you’re not going to get followers!
  • Share more of other people’s content – Follow the 80/20 rule.  Share at least 80% of other people’s content and 20% of your own (at the max).
  • Follow – When you follow other people, they’ll get notified and may follow you back!
  • Interact – Interact with content from other people.  Like their content, share their content, flip content to your own magazines.  The more you interact, the more you will be noticed.



There are some basic analytics provided by Flipboard.  The analytics are based on each magazine.

  • Articles by day – Number of articles flipped into this magazine.
  • Viewers by day – Number of viewers of the articles for this magazine.
  • Page flips per day – Number of views of the articles that you flipped.


Flipboard Analytics
Basic analytics provided


What Else Do You Need to Know about Flipboard?


You can add contributors to your content so it doesn’t have to be just you that is adding content to the magazines.

These could be employees, customers etc.

Cover Photo

It will automatically pick the cover photo of your magazine from the list of items in your magazine.

If you’re not happy with the cover photo, hold down your finger on another photo when you are in the app.  Lots of options will appear for sharing but you’ll also see the option to change the cover photo.

Twitter Chat

There is a Twitter chat about Flipboard every Wednesday (#Flipboardchat) at 10 p.m. EST, where you can chat with other Flipboard people!

If you want get geeky with Flipboard, that’s the chat to go to!

Read it Later

If you come across a really interesting article but you don’t have time to read it you can send it to Pocket, Readability or Instapaper.

To set this up, configure it in the settings section (top right).



Flipboard is a really nicely designed app that makes it easy to read and share articles.

When you come across articles during the day at work, you don’t always have time to read them. So, flip them to Flipboard for later reading.

Then, in the mornings or evenings, use Flipboard to catch up on content from boards you follow.

Do you use Flipboard or will you after reading this?


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