Looking for a tool to generate more traffic to your blog?

Want to join a community of other bloggers?

I guess you’re looking for Triberr!

What is Triberr

Triberr is a community of bloggers working together to promote each others content.

You join up with Triberr and join tribes.

A tribe is a group of people that share content around a particular topic.

For example, you could join a tribe about online marketing.

By networking with people with similar interests you will get to know people and find some great content.

It’s very confusing to use for a first time user and it took me a couple of go’s to figure it out.

Why join Triberr?

When you start off a blog it’s very hard to get traction.

You want to get your content shared and nothing happens.

When someone visits your blog post they see that it is not shared so they are less likely to share it.

If you contribute and share other people’s content they’ll also share your content which will expose you to a new audience and get more traffic and more shares.

Nothing wrong with that is there!!

How much does Triberr cost?

It’s free for most of it.

There is a $10 monthly charge if you want some additional functionality.  For example, there is a facility in place which allows people to automatically share out any new content you have.

This is quite useful so may be worth paying for.


Until people get to know you on Triberr there is no point in paying this because no one will share out your content until you prove that you deliver consistently good content.

There is also an option to promote your content.

You pay $5 and your content appears on the top of the feed within Triberr.

This helps you get initial traction on your content.  If you’re a newbie it’s certainly worth considering investing $5 for your new content.

This will get your content in front of a lot more eye balls and if your quality is good then you’ll get more shares.

How do I join tribes?

To join a tribe you have to be invited.  You get invited by being a member of other tribes!

When people see you are a member of other tribes and they see how good your content is then they will invite you to join new tribes.

The process takes a bit of time but once you are in the tribe you have a whole new set of people to network with.

Is it worth it?

It depends.

For example, if you are in a particular niche where there are no tribes for that particular niche you need to decide if you are going to invest the time building up your own tribe and attract people to it or if another platform is useful.

One problem with Triberr is that a lot of people share content without reading it.

That’s great to get a share but their followers see they are sharing lots of content and know they are not reading it so they are less likely to engage it.

This happens depending on the Tribe you are in so be careful of which one you join.


Triberr is an interesting platform and is worth checking out.

It’s particularly important if you are a new blogger and you want to get that initial traction.

What’s your thoughts?

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