4 Instagram Management Tools to Streamline Your WorkflowDo you want to tap into a social network used by over a quarter of the US population?

Do you like the idea of building new relationships on an image-sharing social network?

If so, Instagram marketing is well worth investigating.  Instagram has 300 million active monthly users, 70% of whom are outside the US.  This is a significant group of people who you may not be able to reach elsewhere.

Of course, at RazorSocial, we’re all about making life easier with tools.


In this post, we will take you through some Instagram management tools to make your Instagram workflow more streamlined, targeted and effective.


Before we do check out some of these Instagram stats to wet your appetite.

Instagram Facts (Infographic)


1. Manage your Instagram Followers with Unfollowers.com

You may be familiar with Unfollowers.com as a tool for managing Twitter followers, but this site can also streamline the way you manage the people you follow on Instagram, too.

When you log in with your Instagram account, Unfollowers takes stock of the people you follow and the people who follow you.

From there, you can manage these lists under the following headings:

  • Activity   Unfollowers.com1Not following back: the users you follow who do not follow you back
  • Mutual follow back: the users you follow who also follow you
  • Fans: people who follow you who you do not follow
  • New unfollowers: anybody who has unfollowed your account recently
  • New followers: anybody who has followed you recently
  • Everyone you follow: everybody, whether they follow you back or not
  • Everyone following you: everybody who follows you, whether you follow them back or not
  • Copy followers / following: choose any Instagram account and get access to their list of the people they follow, and the people who follow them.

Unfollowers.com allows its users to unfollow 25 people and follow 25 more people every day through its site.

Every time it provides a list of Instagram users, there are options to follow or unfollow them in a single click.

These are the results from clicking ‘Not following back’ in the left-hand menu:

People not following us back on Instagram
People not following us back on Instagram


You can look at each person and decide whether you still want to follow them.

The ability to follow people who are connected with another Instagram account is a really great way to find new people to follow.

Choose a competitor’s Instagram account. Enter their username and choose whether you want to look at the people they follow, or the people who follow them.

Follow a competitor's Instagram followers
Follow a competitor’s Instagram followers



Followers.com will show you a list of people you can follow directly from their interface. You can also click on the user photos to be taken directly to a person’s Instagram page.

This is useful if you have already used up your 25 new follows per day!

Unfollowers.com Activity



This functionality is free, however users can upgrade for extra services. Prices start at $6.90 a month.


2. Websta Instagram Web Viewer

Websta Instagram Web Viewer is a website that allows you to manage your photo feeds and discover new images and accounts.

It is not the most attractive-looking website in the world….

……but it is a good way of getting a new look at Instagram and all the photos and people it has to offer.

Look at popular Instagram photos in one place
Look at popular Instagram photos in one place

Across the top of the screen, there are nine options to choose from, such as looking at your own feed, looking at popular Instagram photos, looking at your own Instagram images, and so on.

The ‘search’ option is especially useful to find Instagram users who are relevant to your business or niche.

You can choose your own search terms or choose from a range of frequently used tags on the page.

Search for Instagram photos
Search for Instagram photos


Websta then shows you other, relevant hashtags to search for, and users with your keywords in their ID or profile.

Websta-Search results for socialmedia


When you click on any of those tags, Websta shows you the most recent Instagram posts with that hashtag.  You can then like or comment on these images.


Websta is free to use.


3. Monitor Instagram Feeds with Picdeck

Picdeck is a simple tool that allows users to add their own columns to monitor Instagram feeds.

The Picdeck interface
The Picdeck interface

Your own Instagram feed shows up automatically on the left-hand side of the screen.  Then, you can add your own customized columns on the rest of the screen.

The columns update in real time, so you can stay on top of the latest posts from your contacts and your search terms live.

To add a column, click + Add Column in the top right-hand corner.

This gives you two options: to add a hashtag search or to add a particular user.


We chose ‘Pick a hashtag’ and the following screen appears:

We added a search terms for the hashtag #socialmedia
We added a search terms for the hashtag #socialmedia

Click ‘Add column’, and a new column appears on the main webpage for all Instagram posts with that hashtag.  You can add multiple columns; here, as well as the #socialmedia hashtag, we added one for #SMMW.

Columns update in real time
Columns update in real time

These columns update in real time, which is a great way to stay on top of all the posts that are relevant to your industry.


Picdeck is free to use.


4. Manage your Instagram Account with Collecto

Collecto is an Instagram tool that helps with a range of Instagram management tasks.

Users authorize their accounts with the site and are then presented with a range of options.

At the top of the page are some options to access different parts of the site.

Collecto Dashboard


Like with Websta, above, you can view your own Instagram feed or access popular images on the site.

You can also carry out a search to find photos, hashtags or accounts that are relevant to your niche.

Search for relevant photos on Instagram
Search for relevant photos on Instagram

By clicking ‘Explore’, Connecto will access your computer’s location and find users and photos from your area.  This could be especially useful at a conference or event, or for brick-and-mortar businesses to find local Instagram users to connect with.  You can also manually search for other locations.

Web Instagram User » FollowgramWhen you set up your Connecto account, the creates a profile page for you that you can share with others as a way to promote your Instagram account.  One of the benefits of this is that it automatically creates an RSS feed for your Instagram updates.

On Connecto, you can create and edit Albums to store your Instagram photos in.  This is an effective way of organizing and storing your images in a consistent way, especially if you want to separate images from events or that relate to specific aspects of your business.

You are also given the option to look at Statistics relating to your Instagram account.

This is an example of what those statistics can look like on Connecto:

View Instagram stats on Connecto
View Instagram stats on Connecto

You can see when a user joined Instagram, how many photos, followers, likes and comments they have, how many tags they have used, how many photos they post per day, and so on.

The stats page also shows the most popular and engaging photos from that Instagram account.  This can help you to learn the types of images that your audience is most likely to engage with, so you can try to repeat that success.


This basic Collecto functionality is free and limited to 5 albums and ads are displayed.  Accounts can be upgraded for as little as €8.99 a year, or €169 for brands.


What’s next?

Do you use any tools to manage your Instagram accounts?  Which of the above appeals to you the most?

Tell us in the comments below!


Image courtesy of Shutterstock


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