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Use the resources on this page when promoting the launch of the video training series .

Free 4 part video training series

launching on 17th of October

The focus of the video series is to help marketers/business owners/marketing consultants get better results (including sales) from using social media.  We want to save them time, reduce overwhelm and generate more sales.

We will be sharing the first video on the 17th of October and then next videos will be shared over the space of the 10 days.  

See the sample email below which includes details of what we’re covering in each video.

Sample Social Media Updates
Tweets/Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram Updates

My friend @iancleary is launching a free 4 part video training series on social media, sign up here #razortraining

Free social media training launching on 17th of October from @iancleary – see #razortraining

I’ve signed up to free social media training on 17th of October run by @iancleary you should also!– see #razortraining

Have you signed up for the free social media training run by @iancleary – launching 17th of October – #razortraining

Emails/Longer Updates

My friend Ian Cleary is launching a FREE 4-part video training on using social media to deliver you more customers and a lasting impact to your business.

In this exclusive training he will cover:

– A 5 step proven process to generate sales from social media 

– How to produce less content and get better results

– Why ‘Influence’ is critical and how you take advantage of it

– The tools you must have for success on social media

– How to streamline your social media so you spend less time figuring it out and more time implementing and getting results.

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