marketing toolsDo you find that you are using more and more marketing tools and you need more knowledge of technology in marketing than ever before?

The demands on us to market our products and services using social media is constantly increasing and the technology/tools required to support this is also increasing.

We start early morning and we finish late at night.  How many of you check your Twitter or Facebook account last thing in the evening and first thing in the morning?

In a recent report by IDC 80% of Smartphone users check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up.


Mobile Wakeup

What we do when we first wake up!


We have a long busy day ahead of us!

So we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at a very busy day in the life of a Social Media Marketer. During the day there are so many tools and tasks. If you work alone then we certainly wouldn’t expect you to do everything listed here or use all the tools we suggest, but if you are part of a team then you could share out the tasks and tools to make it easier.   `I hope you enjoy this infographic!

Marketing Tools


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What Marketing Tools are in this infographic?

We have a good collection of Social Media Tools in this infographic and you may use some or all of them! Each marketer’s requirements are different so there are plenty more tools to choose from!

Going to work

When you are traveling to work you have some spare time to jot down some ideas or catch up on some content that you need to listen to or read.  Here are some apps that will help.

  • Downcast is an iPhone and Mac app for listening to Podcasts.  Rather than connecting up to iTunes and then syncing your podcasts to your phone, Downcast automatically downloads your latest podcasts when new ones are available.
  • Evernote is a fantastic note taking app that is available on your phone or your desktop.  You can capture text, image, video and sound.  Quite often you have ideas that you just quickly want to jot down and you don’t have enough information to create a Word document or a blog post.  You might suddenly have a great idea for a blog post!  Evernote is great at capturing this type of information.
  • Zite is an app for catching up on your news and blogs while you’re out and about.  You tell Zite what you’re interested in and Zite will do the rest for you.  A really nice interface with good functionality.

Early Morning Creative Time

Shortly after you arrive in to work you might be ready for some creative time!  You may create some content, kick off a marketing campaign and schedule everything out for the day.

Write that blog post

WordPress is an extremely popular platform for creating your blog post and you can create really well-optimized content for Google.  If you want a tool that covers blogging and a lot more marketing functionality Hubspot is also a popular choice.

Email Marketing/Automation

You may need to write up a newsletter to promote your blog content and schedule that out for delivery later on. Aweber is an email marketing tool that supports this scheduling.  We may also consider creating a series of emails related to your latest campaign and build this within InfusionSoft which is a more expensive but more comprehensive tool for marketing automation.

Kick off a competition

Competitions can be a great way of promoting your social media presence and building awareness of a new campaign. You could kick off a competition with Agorapulse or Shortstack.  Both provide a broad range of competitions, are easy to setup and are not expensive.

Schedule out the content

  • –  Automation is a good word in my dictionary.  You can’t automate the building of relationships but you can automate the delivery of some content.  For example, every time a new blog is posted on RazorSocial it is automatically delivered to a variety of platforms including Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It makes sense to automate this and looks after all that automation. You specify the source of where the content will be picked up and the destination of where it should go. It’s simple and it’s automated!

You specify the source where picks up the content and the destination where you want it to go

  • Bundle Post finds you relevant content to share based on RSS feeds you have setup for your favorite blogs or content it finds as a result of searches based on keywords. You then decide which content you want to schedule out. It creates a packaged file with some add-on’s automatically added (e.g. Hashtags). You can then take this file and import it into Hootsuite or other platforms and have your content scheduled out for the day.
  • Postplanner is a Facebook tool. What’s particularly good about PostPlanner is the ability to find and share great content at times you pre-configure. For example, it has a content discovery engine where you search the internet for keywords. PostPlanner will then display the most popular (shared) content related to those keywords. You just need to click on a button and it’s added to your queue. Neat!

Mid Morning Catch up

Around mid-morning you might do some catch-up.

  • Mention is a reasonably priced social media monitoring tool that will track mentions of your brand or relevant keywords across the web and social channels. It will present you with a list of mentions with options for responding to or deleting the mentions.
  • Viralheat is a full social media management tool that initially started off in the monitoring business.  Their monitoring tool is very powerful and even has some sentiment analysis capabilities.
  • Feedly – Feedly is a mobile and web based app for reading blog content. I love the way you can organize the content, and it’s integration with Buffer means your content can be easily scheduled out.
Feedly and Buffer

Easily find and share content using Feedly

  • is content curation platform where people find and share content in boards around particular topics.  If you don’t have time to curate content find someone on that will curate content for you!  If you engage on it’s also a good source of traffic.
  • Buffer – This is a content scheduling product that supports many platforms.  You pre-configure the times you want content shared out and then any content you find on the Internet you send it to Buffer who will place it in a queue and send it out at the next available time slot.
  • Triberr – A community of bloggers that share out each others content.  This is a great friendly community where it’s easy to build relationships with bloggers and this helps getting your content known.
  • Hootsuite – For day to day interaction on Twitter, Hootsuite is a very useful tool.
  • Sprout Social – If you want a more visually appealing platform with better reporting options, Sprout Social is a popular choice.
  • Nimble –  This is about managing and building relationships (social relationship management).  It’s quickly becoming an essential tool to help you not only interact with your social media followers and fans but to also build relationships with them.

Lunchtime Checkup

At lunchtime you may catch up with a bit of reading using Flipboard which is an alternative to Zite.  It’s a really nice user interface and a great way of catching up on content.

We’ve included a selection of great blogs which you might use to keep you up to speed on the fast changing world of digital marketing.

Mid Afternoon Coffee

Now why would you take it easy for your mid-afternoon coffee, let’s keep going!!!

  • Disqus – This is a great commenting system that powers most of the commenting systems for WordPress.  You will get notification of any new comments so it’s important to respond to the good ones!
  • Hootsuite – We’re back on to Hootsuite to engage in some conversations and respond to any mentions of our name or brand.
  • Grouphigh – When we write content it’s important to go out and promote it. Blogger outreach is the process of finding relevant blogs to build relationships with. With over 15 million blogs indexed Grouphigh is one of the best tools for identifying your target audience. Here’s an example of a record of a person in Grouphigh. It automatically retrieves a lot of details about the person including their e-mail, blog posts, social media credentials, and so on.
GroupHigh Individual Record

View details and track interactions with each contact

  • Littlebird – This is a tool in beta with a lot of promise.  It’s a platform for identifying key influencers validated by peers on any topics.
  • Buzzstream – This tool is more focused on managing the relationships with bloggers when you find them. When you do outreach it’s very difficult to keep track of who you sent emails to, what did they say and what were the results. Buzzstream is great at doing this.

Time for the Gym

With the volume of work we have,  your gym time is very important. Healthy body, healthy mind!  But while your running on the treadmill, it’s the perfect time to relax and listen to some music or better still…catch up on your latest podcasts.

  • Entrepreneur on Fire – Get inspiration from the top entrepreneurs around the world.  John Lee Dumas interviews all the guests.
  • Marketing Profs – Kerry Gorgone interviews the top industry professionals and always makes it educational and enjoyable.  Kerry runs a great show.
  • Amy Porterfield – Amy shares all her valuable knowledge about Facebook marketing and running her online business.  She interviews some of the best people in the Internet Marketing space.
  • Social Media Examiner – Mike Stelzner’s podcast is fantastic.  Amazing guests and content.  Mike is great at getting the best nuggets of information from the people he interviews.

Down Time

Wow, that was a busy day.  We were so tempted to show an iPad with a Twitter stream while watching TV but we’ll stick to TV and wine.  Your mind is racing from the day!

Time for Bed

You’re ready to go to bed but you just can’t resist checking out some analytics.

  • Google Analytics – check your traffic and see how it is growing, or find out how well your blog post is doing.
  • Kissmetrics – check to see who was on your site today and what were they doing.
  • Tailwind – also check your Pinterest stats to see what content was pinned and who is interacting with your content.

Night Night !

You fall asleep but wake up with a fantastic idea.  With all the tools we talk about what do you? You reach for your pen and paper!!! Not everything has to be a tool!

Final Comments

Social Media Marketing is time consuming, stressful and we always feel that we’ve never done enough. But if you use the right tools and processes this can save a lot of time and stress.

You may not use half the tools we have outlined above and may not have the time do to everything but pick out the best ones for you.

A special thanks goes to Donna from Socially Sorted who is mygo-too person when I want anything visual done. Thanks Donna.

I’d love to hear your feedback, do you like the infographic? What tools will you use? What am I missing?

I would love to hear from you.