Who else wants 7 extremely useful online video marketing tools?

Who else wants 7 Extremely Useful Online Video Marketing Tools?

explanOnline video marketing tools (1)Video helps you show up in Google search results, really gets your brand noticed and gets people converting on your website. Are you paying it enough attention?  Is online video marketing important to you?

We all know that it’s good to share some video with our audience, but great video can be a little more complex than just sharing images or text.  At times we have to cut out the bad bits, put in an intro at the start, put in an ending, think about sound and more.

Or of course we can also just click a button on Vine or Instagram and do a short snappy one and publish!

In any case, there are some tools that can help.   I can’t be called the tools guy and not have some tools for you!

If I want to start making videos, how long should they be?

This is a common question that we get asked.  Short videos tend to do better than longer videos.  In a recent survey from Socialbakers it showed that there was a big drop off in views after 2 minutes.

[Tweet “40% of all views on videos on YouTube are on videos that are less than 2 minutes long”]


This shows the views on YouTube based on length of the video


In this article we go through 7 different tools to consider when producing your video.

1.  ScreenFlow or Camtasia

Screenflow and Camtasia are powerful video editing tools.  I mention both because Screenflow is best for a Mac and Camtasia is best for a PC.  There is a version of Camtasia for the Mac but it doesn’t provide as much functionality as the PC version.

If you want record video that’s going to need editing, you should consider one of these tools.  I’m on a Mac so I use Screenflow.

When you record, you can easily add in an introduction slide at the start and the end, add in music, cut out clips, combine clips and much more.

In the image below you can see that sound is the top part and screen recording is the second part.  You could record sound separately and then add it in later, or you could adjust sound to remove the bleepers very easily.

ScreenFlow Records Voice Separate to Visuals So You can Replace Sound


For both of these tools, you’ll need to set aside some time to get familiar with them, but they are fairly intuitive and worth considering.

2.  Viewbix

Viewbix is an interactive video player that allows you to add various content and forms to your video.  For example, within your video you can display a form that allows people to sign up for your email service directly within the video.  These forms or apps cannot be displayed on YouTube but you can share them on your website or even on Facebook.

Viewbix works by allowing you to add apps to its functionality, and here is an example of some of the ones on offer.   You can see you can add apps such as an ‘about’ box, an app for email subscriptions or maybe a form from Infusionsoft.


Viewbix applications
An example of some of the applications


For this example I’ve decided to add an ‘about’ box and also a billboard.  The video is me speaking at an event and, at the end of the video, I want an image to be displayed that is clickable and allows people to sign up for coaching.  So, instead of having a call to action close to the video, I have it directly within the video.  I also want an ‘enquire now’ button displayed at all times.

a). Enquire now and title text

You enter in a title that appears at the top of the video, then a call to action text and a link to send people to when they click on the button.

viewbix enquire now
Adding a title and a call to action


b). Adding an ‘about’ box.

You just select the ‘about’ app and add your title text and an image.  Viewers watching the video will see clickable text, and when they click on it, your ‘about’ box will appear with the details.

c). Add a billboard.

One of the apps is ‘Billboard’.  This lets me upload an image and specify a link.  When someone clicks on the image they are taken to the link.  You can have the image appear at the start, during the video or at the end.  You’ll see it in the video below beside the about option.

This is what what video looks like when it’s finished.  You can see the title with the ‘enquire now’ button, the button to view help and you can see the billboard app at the end.  If you click on it you can sign up to hear more about my coaching services!!




3.  Goanimate

If you want to be a little more adventurous you can create an animated video, and if done correctly, this can get a lot of attention.   Having an animation video custom-made would cost you a small fortune, but you can also use a video animation tool such as Goanimate.

With Goanimate you start off by selecting a template and, based on the template you pick, you’ll have different characters, images, shapes etc. that you can add to your video.


Goanimate Sample Templates
Select the template you want to use


When you create a video, you will see options to add your background, drag and drop people onto your canvas, add sound and build up your video sequence.


GoAnimiate Backgroun
Select the background you want as part of your scene


Goanimiate is an easy-to-use tool and it’s not expensive to create an animation.  It’s also a lot of fun to play with.

4.  Video Sitemap XML

A sitemap is a description of the pages on your website.  The reason you create a sitemap is that it helps Google find all the wonderful content on your site.

You will probably already have a sitemap on your site because there are many tools available to create them, and your developer should have set it up.  But what about a video sitemap?

A video sitemap gives Google information about the videos that are on your site.  Without one, any videos that you publish on your site that are hosted on YouTube will link back to YouTube rather than your blog or website.  By using a video sitemap, you can index the video clips on your site and, when someone sees your content on Google, there will be a little video image.  If they click on this image they are brought to your site.

Here is an example.  The video highlighted is actually on YouTube even though my site is displayed.


Marcus Sheridan Video on RazorSocial
Marcus Sheridan Video on Youtube is Displayed with a link to RazorSocial


Here is a useful plugin for automatically creating video sitemaps.

Here is some more information on creating a video sitemap:

5. Powtoon

Powtoon is another video animation tool which you can use to create similar videos to Goanimate.

The hand drawn option is cool. This is when the video plays out an animated sequence that viewers see being drawn out within the video.

Similar to Goanimate you start off by selecting your template.

Powtoon selection
Select the template you want to start with


You then select your characters, add your text and build up a sequence that you want drawn.


Select the elements on the right to add to the slides


This is very straightforward to use and makes it really easy to create an impressive animated video.

6.  Socialcam

Socialcam is a very simple-to-use application for your mobile device that allows you to easily record and edit videos.

You record the video,  define custom backgrounds, add text and music and then upload directly to YouTube.

It’s very easy to edit videos on Socialcam – and when you create them you can upload them straight to YouTube


It’s very simple to use and you’ll have the video up and running in no time.  So if you want something less complicated than a Camtasia or Screenflow, this is an effective alternative.

7. Flipagram

Flipagram was mentioned to me this week by Heather from Infusionsoft.   It’s another mobile app but this one creates a video out of your pictures.  You select a range of your pictures, do some minor editing (if you want), and then add some music.  If you don’t want music you can also use your own voice (singing or talking!).

Flipagram will then make a video with the pictures and the imagery.

Add music to your images and adjust timings


As we have seen recently, more and more platforms are coming up with options for video creation and editing, and they are doing this because there is a demand for it.  But it’s not about producing long boring videos.  You ideally want short, snappy and cool ones.

There are some great tools available to help create and market these videos.  So if you’re not already using video as part of your social media marketing, maybe you should reconsider…?  I know we’ll be doing more in this area (hence this post!).


What’s next?

1.  Read more about all the different types of animated view with this article.

2.  Share this article on online video marketing with your friends.

3.  Comment below – We’d love to hear your questions, ideas, tools etc.



50 Responses to Who else wants 7 Extremely Useful Online Video Marketing Tools?

  1. These are great tools, Ian, thank you! Video is still so new to me, so knowing which tools have your stamp of approval makes it a lot easier to scope out and try them!

  2. Great post, Ian.

    Recently I bought Camtasia Studio and Snagit – I’ve been finding them incredibly useful.

    On a side note, since Leadplayer closed, do you know of a good alternative? Thought you’d be a good person to ask 🙂


  3. Thanks so much, Ian! This is the kind of post I was looking for these days! 🙂 I’ll definitely try Screenflow for editing videos. I’ve started trying Screencast-o-matic to produce my own video lessons and it seems a good option, as well. I guess combining this with Screenflow will be great.

    Really, really nice as the animation video tools. I’m not a design expert at all, but I feel even I could do something nice with them! Thanks again, Ian!! 🙂

  4. It’s always good to take away something, and I took away a LOT awesome new tools today from your webinar Ian, Fantastic, thanks!

      • Hi Ian, I was actually asking you if you can list or recommend tools that help optimize Youtube for SEO traffic -both internally and externally. I appreciate the awesome list you have of video CREATION tools, it would be awesome if there are also video MARKETING/PROMOTION tools (ie., driving traffic via video sites). I know of some techniques but they are MANUAL. It would be nice to have a semi-automated approach to cut down on the elbow grease 🙂

  5. A customized video can increase customer interest in your company and
    help you to reach potential customers in a fun and interesting way. Finally, companies should put in the extra effort to make their Google Plus page visually appealing.

  6. I dig the tools and recommend all check them out.

    My comment is on the assumption of 2 mins or less.

    I’ve recently become involved with the production of videos for YouTube and quoted the same stats to suggest that we were shooting for to long a video. Since these are programs, we’ve decided to go with podcast pros suggestion for a longer length and accept that many will drop off without watching the full show.

    I know that mimics my own habits. I prefer to get more meat from my viewing and while most of the video I watch completely are 2 mins or less, I also watch longer videos and look for them when I want to learn a subject or enjoy the view.

    When a video doesn’t hold up to the promise in the description, I dump it… and too often fall into a series of music videos or funny cats. I WANT better quality, but I view as if I’m looking at short clips.

    I’ve got no stats for this…except viewership of a hangout series. Our small audience is growing, our “minutes viewed” is growing many times faster. Now that I am building an audience instead of selling to that day’s transaction, I’m learning that the 2 min or less rule is not the whole picture

    • Thank you Warren, I’ve often watched a video about technical stuff (e.g. setting up a mixer) that was 10 minutes and I had to watch it all to find out the solution to my problem. A lot of videos are entertainment type videos and they are generally not ones to capture your attention for a long period. So the average is time is low but, as you say, it depends!

      • I’ve been in that situation more times than I care to think about. Which is my point. The video didn’t give you 10 minutes of info, it gave you 30 seconds buried in 10 mins.

        While there are huge advantages of giving someone exactly what they need, it doesn’t create any bond in a one-off. I now look to give a summary of years in 10 minutes to an hour.

        Different topics for sure. Last year we tried a series of answer videos that were short… assuming that the reputation of being a source would build and the ad structure of YouTube would like the views. Turns out it was more work to make a short video that really added value (more editing) and there’s the question of getting added value when you could just use a paragraph of text. 🙂

        My conclusion.. there’s room for many lengths once you get past the SEO games (which still work on YouTube for now). What will always work .. BE AWESOME!

  7. Hello i am an animated video maker i never read you before,i must say you write really interesting post great i will follow you!

  8. Love that you mentioned SocialCam which is one of my favs. And it’s gotten even more great with new features similar to those of Instagram. I choose it anyday over Vine and Instagram when it comes to mobile video.

  9. Hello !

    I totally agree about what you wrote video and saw you talked about Powtoon, do you know about Explee ? We also do allow you to create animated video easily ! Have a look 🙂 https://explee.com

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