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Do You Make these 9 SEO Mistakes?

seo mistakes - SEO - Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about helping Google index your content correctly so that Google serves up your content in searches that are relevant.

Are you making any mistakes in relation to SEO?

Are you helping Google index your content correctly?


Here are 9 common SEO mistakes.

1. Ignoring Google Webmaster tools

If Google finds problems when indexing your site you’ll hear about them in Google Webmaster tools.  Installing Google webmaster tools is a very straight forward process.   When it’s installed you’ll find out what content is indexed, issues with title tags, server errors, crawl errors and much more.

2. Poor Author profiles on Guest Posts

If you are guest posting on other blogs make sure you include a good author bio with keyword rich links based on the keywords you want to rank highly for on Google.   Blog owners don’t have much time so they generally just copy the bio you send and use that on the site which means whatever links are in included are used.

Here’s an example of a bio with a link based on keywords Mike wants to rank on (i.e. Facebook page management software).

seo mistakes - SEO Optimised Author Profile
This profile is optimized with a link to their website using keywords that they want to rank on (i.e. Facebook page management software)


3. Not Optimizing the Title Tag

The title tag is one of the most important elements of on page optimization (i.e. optimizing content on your own website). So it’s very important to configure a good title.  You should also be aware that Google gives higher importance to words at the start of the title so sometimes it makes sense not to use the post heading as the title.

This Post – Do you Make these 9 SEO Mistakes

Title Tag – SEO Mistakes – 9 Common Mistakes You can Make

Note:  SEO Mistakes are the keywords we want to rank on so we’ve included this at the start of the title tag.

4. Tracking Conversation about You or Your Brand online

If your blog post, your name or brand name is mentioned on another website it’s important to track this.

This could be an opportunity to improve the link by asking them to include keywords or an opportunity to get more links from the same site.

If it’s a high profile site sharing out your content this might be an opportunity for a guest post as you know they like your content!

Mention App is a great tool for monitoring when this happens and there’s a free option for up to 500 brand mentions in one month.

seo mistakes - Mention App
In this alert I’m monitoring my name so see who is talking about any blog post I write on a website.

5. Focus on Quantity not Quality

You are much better off with a smaller number of links from high profile sites than lots of poor quality links.

So don’t go on a big link building binge!

One great way of getting links from high profile sites it to do a guest blog.  Everybody struggles with content so most sites will accept a guest post.  The key is to make sure you have 2 to 3 really good articles already written that you can send them links to and come up with an idea that is relevant to their target audience.

6.  Not doing internal linking

When you writing more posts on your blog it’s useful to provide relevant links to other content on your blog.  Google will follow these links.

This is useful for 2 reasons.  This will ensure the page you are linking to is indexed if it’s not indexed already and it will also help rank the other page based on the keywords you are linking to.

7. Targeting the wrong keywords

At times there is too much competition for keywords you want to rank on (i.e. appear in a good position in google searches).  For our site ‘social media tools’ is hard to rank.  If you search google you will see entries from, wikipedia, business week etc.  However, social media training is much easier to rank on.  So we’ll talk about ‘social media training on tools‘ and build up links based on social media training.

Make sure you are not logged in to your Google + account when you are doing the research as your search results will be tailored for you.  Also,  take into account that Google will alter results based on the country you are searching from.

Tip:  If you type in then Google will not redirect you to your local country version of Google results.  For example, I am based in Ireland.  If I go to it will show me and display results relevant to Ireland.  If I type in I’ll get the US site results.

8. Not tagging images correctly

Google can’t understand what images are about so you need to provide some clues that will help:

a). Configure a file name with relevant keywords

b). Create Alt text.  Within your blogging tool you should be able to configure the Alt tag.  Google looks for this Alt tag to understand what the image is about.

c). Create a relevant title for the image.  When someone hovers over your image with their mouse the title of the image appears.

9.  Using too much Flash on your site.

If you go to a website and see all fancy moving graphics that’s probably made with flash.  Google can’t read flash so it’s hard to index it.  So best to avoid flash completely if you can!

There are just some of the common SEO mistakes.

Have you any you would like to add?


10 Responses to Do You Make these 9 SEO Mistakes?

  1. Excellent article, Ian.
    Over the years I’ve managed to acquire enough SEO basics to get by, but this post has given me a couple new tactics to add to my toolbox.
    Thanks for the “Mention” mention. I just installed the Chrome extension. Works like a charm.
    Also appreciated the tips on doing non geographic specific searches and optimizing title tags.
    You’re always a great resource. Thanks.

    • Hey Ray, thanks for brightening up my day! The use of NCR is interesting as it’s hard to figure out how you rank in other countries. I really like mention, there’s a really nice interface and it picks up a lot more than the Google Alerts. Have a great day! Ian

  2. I admit that sometimes, I do commit these mistakes. So hilarious but it;s true. Silly you of narrowing this all. I’m really glad about this article. It’s true! Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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