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Social Media Tools Directory Launched

Social Media Tools Directory Launched (portrait) (1)We are so excited to announce the launch of our Social Media Tools Directory!

This is a categorized listing of social-media tools with a comprehensive search facility.

Find social media management tools, social media monitoring tools, social media analytics tools and much more.

It is the most comprehensive social media tools directory that is available anywhere globally and it will get bigger and better every day.

It’s Big News For You and Also For Us

When we launched RazorSocial two years ago, we were completely unknown and, for the first few months, we struggled to get attention.

But, by owning the social media tool niche, we quickly stood out.

Last year, we hit a big milestone: we had over 1,000,000 visitors to our website.

This year, our focus is taking RazorSocial to the next level and the tools directory is a big step towards that.

If you’re looking for a social media tool from now why don’t you Ask Razorsocial!


social media tools directory
Our Tools Directory is launched


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What Categories of Tools Are in the Directory?

We will continue to expand on the range of categories but those currently in the directory are as follows:

Content Curation

It’s important to share great content on social media, but you need the best tools to help you identify relevant content to share.  Content curation tools will identify content related to any keywords and topics you are interested in and it will help you to filter this content to find the most interesting/most popular content to share.  These types of tools typically also provide you with the facility to instantly share out the content you find.

Social Media Analytics

As platforms develop (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc), the free analytics they provide get better and better.  But, there are also other companies providing social media analytics tools that give more comprehensive analytics, presented in a better way.

Social Media Marketing Apps

There are many applications available to help drive engagement through social media.  For example, you may want to run a quiz or a competition on Facebook.  These apps can typically sit within a social media platform, on your website or be used through your mobile device.

Social Media Influencer Outreach

An important part of social media is building relationships with key influencers.  If you have an amazing piece of content and you want to promote this content heavily, you can reach out to relevant influencers who have access to large, relevant audiences.  If they pick it up, this will help ignite your content.

However, it’s difficult to find those influencers unless you have the relevant tools in place.

Social Media Management

Social media is very time consuming so you need a management tool that helps you organize your social media.  You can use multi-platform tools that support many platforms or pick tools that are specific to a particular platform.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring your brand name and relevant keywords on social media and the web is important for reputation management, as well as just finding out who is talking about you.  By identifying these brand mentions, you can join in on the conversation, monitor trends, spot issues and much more.

Video Creation and Editing

Social media requires a lot of content creation, so it’s hard to ignore any of the cool new tools/apps that are available that help you easily create video for your social media marketing.

Our focus in this area is not the big complex tools to do heavy-duty editing, but rather tools that help you quickly and easily create videos.  For example, there are great iPhone/Android apps that let you capture, edit and produce your own videos in seconds.

Visual and Infographics

Visuals are also an important part of social media marketing so it’s useful to cover the most popular tools in this area.  So, if you want to create infographics or images to promote your posts, the tools in this category are the place to start.

WordPress Social and SEO Plugins

There are many WordPress plugins that will help you with your social media marketing.  This could be tools that help to encourage people to share your content, or tools to help you optimize your blog content for social media.

How Do You Know Which Tools in the Directory are Good?

For each tool listed, we outline our opinion.  If the tool is a complete disaster, we won’t include it in the directory.

We test a lot of tools and, to be honest…

Some of them are buggy, not very useful and

We get depressed when we find those ones…

ian cleary
Is this how you feel?!


If we decide to add it to the directory, then the tool has it’s uses.


Always read the ‘Our Opinion’ section.  This is what we think of the tool and we are very honest about this.

Do Tool Providers Pay for Entry into the Directory?

All tools that are good enough get a free, basic listing.

We will be implementing a premium-listing service where tool providers can add in additional elements on their page (e.g. video).

How does the Voting Work?

If you like a tool, click on the ‘thumbs up’ button to support the tool.


If you like it give it a thumbs up…


When you click on this button, an option to tweet about the tool will be displayed.  You can change the text if you want.  Here is an example:


Send out your tweet and make the tool provider and us happy….


How Often Are Tools Added?

Every week, we will continue to expand on the database of tools.  We are constantly finding, testing and writing about tools and we will include every social media tool that is useful.

If you know, or own, a tool that you think should be added, please submit the information in the box on the right-hand side of the tool search and listing screens.

What is ‘Tool of the Week’?

On a weekly basis, we will pick out a great tool we know of and share it in an email.   The email will contain information about why we think it’s a useful tool and how you could use it in your business.

What’s Phase 2 for the Tool Directory?

Here are some of our ideas for phase 2.  We’d love to hear your feedback:

  • Leaderboard table with the most voted-for tools –  You will be able to click on the leaderboard to see the most voted-for tool in any one particular month or all time.
  • More tools with more categories – We are investigating other categories and tools to add.  For example, what about social customer service?
  • Offering tool providers an expanded listing – Tool providers will be offered a premium-listing service.
  • User feedback on tools – We will consider adding the ability for other people to add their opinions of tools.
  • There are many more things planned!


Free Bonus: Click Here to download our valuable list of 5 social media tools you should use daily!



After a lot of hard work, we are extremely excited to have launched the Tools Directory.

This is built for you, so please let us know what improvements you would like to see.

We would love to hear from you, and please share this post and vote on some tools!


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