How to Use Topsy for Social Media Marketing

How to Use Topsy for Social Media Marketing

How to Use Topsy for Social Media MarketingDo you know how many people have tweeted your latest blog post?

Do you know how many of those people are influencers?

The more we can learn about people and posts on Twitter, the more we can improve our social media marketing.

Topsy is a tool that you can use to get lots of information about tweets.  So, if you want to know who’s sharing your stuff, what I’ve said in the past about a particular tool, or which influencers are talking about your niche, read on to find out how…

What is Topsy?

Topsy is basically a tool that allows for detailed, customized searching of Twitter posts.

The site has archived every tweet sent since 2006, and allows users to search this index to find information in a range of ways.

1 Twitter Search  Monitoring    Analytics

In this post, we will take you through some of the ways you can use Topsy to manage your social media marketing, from finding influencers to looking at what your favorite tweeters are saying.

Who has tweeted your blog post?

Sometimes, when people tweet a link to your blog, they include your username so they show up in your mentions.

But what about those who tweet it without tagging you?  Or those times when, in a busy mentions column, you lose track of who shared what?

One of the handiest features of Topsy is the ability to search for a URL and find every person who’s tweeted that link, even if they used a link shortener.

We decided to see who had tweeted one of our recent blog posts: How to Make a Blog Editorial Calendar.

We put the URL or that post into the Topsy search box.

Enter the URL you want to search for
Enter the URL you want to search for

Then, we looked at the results.

Topsy search results
Topsy search results

You can instantly see that this URL has been tweeted 92 times, with a total of 137 tweets (including retweets).

This is really interesting, but that’s a lot of tweets to look through!

If you can identify the influencers who shared your post, you have a great opportunity to engage with them.  You can thank them for sharing your post, and build or improve your relationship with them while you do it.

You do this by choosing ‘influential only’ at the top of the page.

Search for tweets by influential tweeters
Search for tweets by influential tweeters

Now, you will have a list of all the people who are influential, or highly influential, who have shared out your content.

You can click on their name to go to their Twitter account, or you can click on the ‘2 weeks ago’ to go directly to that particular tweet.

5 Twitter Search  Monitoring    Analytics

Now, you can have a look at their bio and website details and decide whether this is somebody who is relevant to your niche and audience, and whether it is somebody you want to build a relationship with.

Find out which influencers are sharing your competitors’ posts

You can carry out the same actions as above, but with a link to one of your competitors’ blog posts.

Finding out which influencers are sharing your competitors’ posts can give you more ideas of people to build relationships with.

Who’s talking about your favorite topics?

Another search you can do on Topsy is to search for a keyword or phrase.

We may as well see what else people are saying about editorial calendars on Twitter!

6 Twitter Search  Monitoring    Analytics

These are the first results we see

7 Twitter Search  Monitoring    Analytics

We can see that, over the last 7 days, there have been 1,116 tweets that include the words ‘editorial calendar’.  Below that information, Topsy shows the sentiment score, which is 63. This means that more people have spoken about editorial calendars positively than they have negatively.

You can also ask Topsy to carry out different kinds of searches, such as searching for links that mention editorial calendars, for photos or videos related to the keywords, and for influencers discussing the topic.

In the chart at the top right, we can see that the number of tweets about editorial calendars has increased over the course of the week.

If you want a more detailed chart, click on ‘View trends on Topsy Analytics’ and you will see a graph like this:

See a chart of Twitter trends
See a chart of Twitter trends

This can all be really useful information when you’re researching how popular a topic is.

In the column on the left-hand side, you are able to customize your search results even more.

You can choose how many days the search should cover.  Or, if you’re searching for something obscure, you might want to choose ‘all time’.

Track topic trends on Twitter

It can be useful to track how much particular topics are being discussed, how frequently your site is being linked to, or how many replies your Twitter account gets.

Doing this can help you to see whether your engagement levels are improving, or whether you need to do some extra work to keep those conversations and links high!

Like with looking at the popularity of the keywords ‘editorial calendar’ above, you can use Topsy to search for trends over the past month.

But you can search for more than just keywords…

At the top of the page, we entered the search terms ‘social media tools’, our website address (using the search operator ‘’) and my Twitter account, making sure to include ‘@’ at the start.

Enter search terms into Topsy's trending chart
Enter search terms into Topsy’s trending chart

Topsy produced the following chart:

See trends relating to your keywords
See trends relating to your keywords

The orange line represents the number of times the words ‘social media tools’ was mentioned, the blue line is links to, and the green line is the number of replies to my Twitter account.

Try it out: Search for some keywords relevant to your brand, your URL and your username.  How’s your engagement looking?

If you click ‘Advanced search’ at the top of the screen, Topsy will show you the advanced search operators that you can use to narrow your search down more effectively.

Advanced search operators for Topsy search
Advanced search operators for Topsy search

So, this search shows a chart of tweets by me, tweets that mention PostPlanner or IFTTT, and those that link to

You can get really creative with these advanced search operators and find out all sorts of valuable information!

Find out everything one person has said about a topic

Say you wanted to find out what I’d tweeted in the past about Google Analytics

Using the same advanced search operators as above, you can carry out a Topsy search that will tell you everything you need to know.

This search used from:iancleary and the words Google Analytics“.

13 Twitter Search  Monitoring    Analytics

You can also use the search operators to find out how many times somebody has tweeted links to your site, or how many times they have tweeted a particular person.

Find relevant stories to share on social media

Perhaps you have run out of things to share and want to quickly identify some relevant blog posts to schedule in your favorite tool.

I did a search for social media and I only wanted the latest posts, so I opted to see tweets sent in the last hour.  If you have a less popular topic, you might want to choose the last day, or the last seven days.

I also chose to only see tweets that contained links, because I’m finding content to read and share.

14 Twitter Search  Monitoring    Analytics


Now I have tons of links to check out to provide me with plenty of content for my social media accounts!

What’s next?

Topsy is a simple tool that offers a lot of exciting possibilities for social media marketers.

This kind of detailed searching is not always easy to do, but Topsy is simple to use and fairly intuitive.  It is also free!!

What do you think?

Will you be giving Topsy a try?

Tell us in the comments!


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